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    Re: Can u get deported for 2 misdemeanor?

    Posted by Fanua SP. (SCUPS-Student) on 1/30/07

    Dear Sama,

    Deportation can happen to any alien illegally/legally in the
    United States, regardless of whether the alien entered the
    country by fraud or misrepresentation or entered legally but
    subsequently violated the terms of his or her nonimmigrant
    classification or status or immigration and Nationality Act.
    A deportable alien is not necessarily an illegal alien.
    Rather, they might even be a legal green card holder, now
    facing deportation because of a criminal charge or violated
    the immigration law. To answer your question: "Can you get
    deported for 2 misd? Yes and also depend on many issues.
    However, if the police know of your status and have reported
    you to the Immigration or planning to do so in the future
    and Yes, the Imm will deport you. The good news is that you
    still have the right to find a good immigration lawyer
    before deportation hearing. The immigration attorney will
    act and Represent you in all the immigration procedures.


    On 1/29/07, Sama wrote:
    > What is the name of your state? Virginia
    > Ok i just got couple of charges on me n so far i got 1
    > calss 1 misdemeanor on my record and i got another one
    > coming and i know the rest will dismissed. So i wanna know
    > if 2 class 1 misdemeanor can get ur deported. One was for
    > vandalism and other one for alcohol and im 18. I got fined
    > for one so far and the other one is coming up.
    > Now i have no papers only social security number and no
    > work parment. I was is US for 12 years. when i was
    > arrested they looked at my record and they said it was
    > straight because it was clean that time. and i went to
    > court for one charge already. So far nuttin serous happend
    > but will the INS deport me when they see the charges? If
    > no then will i be able to get get my green card and
    > citizen later in the futur?
    > please give me some advice.. this got me worried after
    > someone told me that i can get deported. I have another
    > court date in a month and im bout to talk to my lawyer now.

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