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    Re: washington state extradition

    Posted by eq_agent on 4/11/08


    I have a midemeanor warrant or maybe 2 in WA state. WA state
    has what is called interstate compact which includes the
    states of idaho oregon and I think now as well California and
    states. Im talking to my lawyer on monday about a similar
    situation. I'll reply with what I find out (hopefully I

    On 3/28/08, . wrote:
    > Dear Edg747:
    > You should consult an attorney. While most of the time
    > states will not extradite on misdemeanor warrants/charges.
    > There is the possibility that if your are stopped on a
    > routine motor vehicle stop or you travel by airplane you
    > could be detained(NCIC national warrant system), possibly up
    > to several months until the DA's decide they won't extradite
    > you and the jurisdition holding you decides to cut you
    > loose.
    > Having said this, you really should consult a lawyer about
    > these warrants. Perhaps a good lawyer can workout a good
    > deal for you. This situation may affect your ability to
    > obtain a passport or a drivers license.
    > I definately would talk to a lawyer.
    > ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    > On 3/28/08, edg747 wrote:
    >> I have some misdemeanor warrant problems here in
    >> Washington State for DWIs. I have not drank since 2005 and
    >> have already served extensive jail time on these, and they
    >> keep wanting me to do more and more. I have a young son
    >> and wife and cannot keep abandoning them for a vindictive
    >> county. Could I move to Oregon, or Montana and not be
    >> extradited? or what state could I move to. Thank You

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