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    Re: Need some questions answered please

    Posted by Jon on 3/18/09

    On 6/30/08, -- wrote:
    > On 6/30/08, Jon wrote:
    >> I don't know if I am in the right aream but am hoping that
    >> someone could give me some assistance.
    >> I live in Arizona in an unicorporated area. We have a
    >> private water and sewgae company. This compnay recently had
    >> a major raw sewage spill of over 10,000 gallons, which
    >> eruopted into peoples back yards, in the community streets,
    >> etc. This is not the first time this has happened. A little
    >> girl contatced ecoli due to the last spill. The city East
    >> of us was looking into purchasing this water compnay but
    >> they backed out (they paid over $300,000.00 of tax payers
    >> money for the investigative study) the local newspaper sked
    >> to see the report but the town and the water company said
    >> no. The newspapr had to take it to court as this report
    >> being paid with by tax paeyers money should be public
    >> knowledge. The newspaper one and the court ordered the
    >> report to be released to the public. Well the report was
    >> not good, as the nitrate levels are well above the Federal
    >> guidelinds, it also showed above limits of fecal matter in
    >> the drinking water as well as Copper. Well the community
    >> held a rally when the water company was putting on a
    >> customer appreciation, two women were served with a summons
    >> to appear in court. The water company said they said libel
    >> things against the company. All they did was organize the
    >> rally, made some signs with picutres of water bottles and
    >> posted on the bottles were the EPA report, along with that
    >> they put tootsie rools in the water. These are very good
    >> friends of mine, as well as members of the community who
    >> has to drink this water,and the one lady had 2" of fecal
    >> contaminated water in her back yard. It was all over the
    >> news and in the papers here.
    >> My question is, do these two fine ladies have anything to
    >> worry about. How can it be libel if what they said was true
    >> as all they did was repeat what the EPA reports said. I
    >> thank you in advance for your attention to this post.
    > I wish I was licensed to practice in AZ. I would take the
    > case on a contingency basis (cut of any settlement) or maybe
    > even pro bono (for free).
    > I have no doubt that these ladies will attract
    > from some AZ attorney. Get their story out to the media.

    This just keeps getting worse. Now 2 other defedents were
    named in this suit. He is also trying his hardest to get real
    names for blog names so he can include them in the suit. These
    2 have lost their home and had to move to Washington. Neither
    of these four people have the financial means to fight this
    utility owner. This man has the highest fine on record by the
    AZDEQ, he has over 100 violations for stuff in wtaer (high
    nitrates, high copper, to name a few-all of this was reported
    either on EPA or AZDEQ websites. I am trying to help these
    wonderful people as much as I can, beause this is not right. I
    have suggested that they open an account where the community
    can donate to their cause, they appreciate it, but will not
    accept that. Where else can I turn to try and help them. Do
    any of you attorneys on here now of any attorney in AZ who
    would be willing to take these peoples case pro-bono? (prefer
    not to be in Phoenix). If you want google George Johnson
    (Johnson utility) to read about this man and his company to
    see what we are dealing with out here and to see why I am
    trying my darndesy=t to try to get help for these people to
    fight this man.

    Thank you in advance.

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