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    Re: Need some questions answered please

    Posted by -- on 6/30/08

    On 6/30/08, Jon wrote:
    > I don't know if I am in the right aream but am hoping that
    > someone could give me some assistance.
    > I live in Arizona in an unicorporated area. We have a
    > private water and sewgae company. This compnay recently had
    > a major raw sewage spill of over 10,000 gallons, which
    > eruopted into peoples back yards, in the community streets,
    > etc. This is not the first time this has happened. A little
    > girl contatced ecoli due to the last spill. The city East
    > of us was looking into purchasing this water compnay but
    > they backed out (they paid over $300,000.00 of tax payers
    > money for the investigative study) the local newspaper sked
    > to see the report but the town and the water company said
    > no. The newspapr had to take it to court as this report
    > being paid with by tax paeyers money should be public
    > knowledge. The newspaper one and the court ordered the
    > report to be released to the public. Well the report was
    > not good, as the nitrate levels are well above the Federal
    > guidelinds, it also showed above limits of fecal matter in
    > the drinking water as well as Copper. Well the community
    > held a rally when the water company was putting on a
    > customer appreciation, two women were served with a summons
    > to appear in court. The water company said they said libel
    > things against the company. All they did was organize the
    > rally, made some signs with picutres of water bottles and
    > posted on the bottles were the EPA report, along with that
    > they put tootsie rools in the water. These are very good
    > friends of mine, as well as members of the community who
    > has to drink this water,and the one lady had 2" of fecal
    > contaminated water in her back yard. It was all over the
    > news and in the papers here.
    > My question is, do these two fine ladies have anything to
    > worry about. How can it be libel if what they said was true
    > as all they did was repeat what the EPA reports said. I
    > thank you in advance for your attention to this post.

    I wish I was licensed to practice in AZ. I would take the
    case on a contingency basis (cut of any settlement) or maybe
    even pro bono (for free).

    I have no doubt that these ladies will attract representation
    from some AZ attorney. Get their story out to the media.

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