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    Post: Gun Rights in multiple states

    Posted by nick on 7/11/12

    I was convicted of a non violent felony (theft) in 2005 in
    MN. It is my only run in with the law. I did not do any
    jail time and paid full restitution as well as did my
    probation (reduced to 1.5 yrs rather than the full 3 yrs).
    The conviction received a stay of imposition and is now
    listed as a misdemeanor. I have since moved to WI and was
    rejected for the purchase of a firearm.

    I used to hunt in WI, SD, TX and MN. I am currently in the
    expungement process. How do I get my gun rights back in the
    states I wish to hunt? I will be able to get gun rights
    restored in MN. Does this carry over to WI, TX and SD?

    The laws are very confusing and contradictory. The attorney
    that I consulted is even befuddled by this dilemma.


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