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    Re: Gun Rights Here and Nationally

    Posted by Mike on 3/22/13

    Everyone who has not committed a crime

    Criminals, regular and government
    sanctioned, do not obey the law anyway.

    I know this is an old post but I just had to respond:

    So the author of this rant really believes that ONLY persons
    that have never committed a crime or those who never been
    caught should be the only one allowed to keep and bare arms??
    Also what is a REGULAR criminal as opposed to a government

    Does the Poster believe that someone (A citizen of the United
    States) that has in fact wandered from the righteous path and
    committed some indiscretions, NEVER EVER be allowed to defend
    themselves from the tyranny of a corrupt government or that he
    or she should never be able to defend their home or personal

    These Citizens of this country may have strayed from the right
    path for awhile but what of those same people who have really
    tried to do the right thing? They work hard all their lives
    trying to be productive citizens and stay out of trouble only
    to shunned by society as criminals, even after their so called
    debt to society has been paid. Most of these people work
    minimum wage jobs their whole life because we now have
    background checks made available to anyone who has a computer
    and for $30.00 can bring up you criminal history, even though
    a lot of those sites have erroneous information about the
    person they have in their computer database. Employers do the
    same thing and it doesn't matter if you have a felony from 20
    or 30 years ago, none of these people can look past the fact
    that you have a mark on your record. All they see is FELONY,
    to them you are just a criminal.

    When you are released from prison and parole is done or
    probation is finished, shouldn't your rights be restored?
    Aren't you suppose to be a citizen once again? Hasn't your
    debt been paid? After all that's why you were sent to jail, to
    pay a debt to society, right? Why must you have to live with
    something like this hanging over your head the rest of your
    life?? People make mistakes, some people get caught and some
    don't. Some people get a slap on the wrist and others have the
    book thrown at them. Most government politicians like The
    Kennedy's for example commit crimes and it gets swept under
    the rug and they're still able to stay in office. Others are
    made to resign but they never have to face charges in
    exchange. Normal everyday citizens get caught and they pay the
    ultimate price for the rest of their lives.

    My point being, everyone who is a legal citizen of the United
    State of America should be able to keep and bare arms. If in
    fact they do have a criminal history then yes they should be
    made to show that they are fully productive citizens that they
    have changed their ways and yes they should be given mental
    stability tests to be sure they are of sound mind, but they
    should not be made to feel that they are any less a part of
    this country than anyone else, after all, our fore fathers
    were considered criminals by England because we stood against
    their tyranny and corruption. That's why we also have the 2nd
    amendment, because they wanted to make sure that it would not
    happen again.

    It is my personal belief that there should be an advocacy
    group just for people that have committed felonies just to
    make sure that the state and federal governments are not
    walking on their rights. I know, you're DUH...that's what we
    have lawyers for...most people who need to hire a lawyer can't
    afford one. That's where public defenders come in, and I hate
    to say it be most of us know that the PD's are over worked and
    under paid. The majority of them get so numb from defending
    that they don't care anymore and they just want to push
    through what they can as fast as they can.

    In closing, I want to say that yes, I am a felon. I made
    mistakes when I was a young man. I chose the wrong person to
    emulate and it got me a police record which can never be
    erased. I've worked 3 and 4 jobs all my life to try to make
    enough money to raise and school my children. I have always
    raised my children to do the right things and try to live
    decent lives. I have raised them to be Americans and in doing
    so they have both given of themselves to serve this country in
    the armed forces. I have always tried to be a good honest
    neighbor to people I meet. I always give donations for
    children's funds and charities. I have made the time to get
    and education for myself and help other adults receive their
    basic education skills. I have become a master at martial arts
    so I would at least have a chance of defending myself if
    someone tried to break into my home and harm my family. I have
    passed my skills on to women, and children so that they too
    could defend themselves, and yet when someone finds out I have
    a police record, the first thoughts and words out their mouth
    is you're a criminal. NO, i am not a criminal. I am a person
    that made mistakes and have spent my entire adult life trying
    to make up for those mistakes. Yet I see people take items,
    pencils, paper, ect from the work place because they don't
    want to go buy it from the store. Are they criminals?? Not in
    their minds because they haven't been caught and charged. Hey,
    it's just a pencil, right? How about those of you that eat
    grapes in the store and don't pay for them? Not stealing
    right? How about those of you that steal the sugar packets
    from the coffee house or restaurant? Not stealing right? How
    about those of you that lie to your insurance company to make
    a claim on your house or car, Not stealing, right? You're all
    a bunch of hypocrites in my opinion and for you to continue to
    call people like me criminals is just a damn shame. I really
    hope you can look yourself in the mirror and convince yourself
    that you are a decent person.

    On 9/02/12, Deonet wrote:
    > Everyone who has not committed a crime against another
    > human's body or property should own and learn how to use
    > firearms. We are guaranteed the right to bear arms in our
    > Constitution to protect ourselves and our nation from
    > threats within (Uncle Sam and especially Hillary Clinton
    > types with the Obama regime) and without. If you don't own
    > a gun, get one now. Clinton is trying to push through a UN
    > Gun Ban on an international level despite her oath that our
    > Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Yes, people
    > are killed by guns every day. What happened in Colorado at
    > that movie theater was horrible. Ditto for the shooting of
    > the AZ congresswoman. These things and others like it would
    > not have happened if there had been other sane, morally
    > responsible, gun carrying Citizens on location to put a
    > stop to the crazy ones. Criminals and the mentally unstable
    > do not obey laws anyway. Criminals, regular and government
    > sanctioned, do not obey the law anyway. Do the research.
    > Countries with gun bans have higher violent crime rates
    > than countries where guns are freely owned by the general
    > populace. The best crime deterrents are, for home invasion
    > deterrent, owning at least one large dog and the criminals
    > knowing that there is a high chance of being shot; for
    > situations like general purse snatching, car hijacking,
    > etc, a criminal is much less likely to try anything if
    > he/she knows that the majority of the populace are gun
    > carrying, legally protected people with the right to use
    > maximum if not lethal force to defend themselves and their
    > property. Look at Switzerland. Personally, all of the
    > politicians that are trying to push these gun control,
    > registration, and banning laws ought to be lined up in
    > front of a firing squad and executed for treason, violation
    > of Oath of Office, theft, misappropriation of funds,
    > malfeasance, misfeasance, and trading with the enemies.

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