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    Post: Gun Rights Here and Nationally

    Posted by Deonet on 9/02/12

    Everyone who has not committed a crime against another
    human's body or property should own and learn how to use
    firearms. We are guaranteed the right to bear arms in our
    Constitution to protect ourselves and our nation from
    threats within (Uncle Sam and especially Hillary Clinton
    types with the Obama regime) and without. If you don't own
    a gun, get one now. Clinton is trying to push through a UN
    Gun Ban on an international level despite her oath that our
    Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Yes, people
    are killed by guns every day. What happened in Colorado at
    that movie theater was horrible. Ditto for the shooting of
    the AZ congresswoman. These things and others like it would
    not have happened if there had been other sane, morally
    responsible, gun carrying Citizens on location to put a
    stop to the crazy ones. Criminals and the mentally unstable
    do not obey laws anyway. Criminals, regular and government
    sanctioned, do not obey the law anyway. Do the research.
    Countries with gun bans have higher violent crime rates
    than countries where guns are freely owned by the general
    populace. The best crime deterrents are, for home invasion
    deterrent, owning at least one large dog and the criminals
    knowing that there is a high chance of being shot; for
    situations like general purse snatching, car hijacking,
    etc, a criminal is much less likely to try anything if
    he/she knows that the majority of the populace are gun
    carrying, legally protected people with the right to use
    maximum if not lethal force to defend themselves and their
    property. Look at Switzerland. Personally, all of the
    politicians that are trying to push these gun control,
    registration, and banning laws ought to be lined up in
    front of a firing squad and executed for treason, violation
    of Oath of Office, theft, misappropriation of funds,
    malfeasance, misfeasance, and trading with the enemies.

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