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THE ATTORNEY CHATBOARDS ARE DEDICATED TO ATTORNEYS. Law students and other legal professionals are invited to participate. No registration required to post - but if your post is abusive or vulgar, you will be banned.

Laypersons (the general public) are NOT DESIGNATED FOR THIS CHATBOARD. Please post to the Legal Questions or Practice Area Chatboards only.

Welcome to the Attorney Chatboard. This Attorneys Chatboard was created as a resource for attorneys and legal professionals. Feel free to post questions, comments, and suggestions related to the practice of law. This forum is not designed to provide free legal advice to the general public. If you need help with a legal question, please contact an attorney in your locale for assistance. Please bookmark this resource and contribute often!

The Attorney Chatboard is for attorney to attorney posts only. If you have a legal question for an attorney, or are seeking a referal for an attorney in your area, please post your question to the Legal Question Chatboard
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