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    Re: SEALING CRIMINAL RECORDS - Is it possible?

    Posted by Andy Burrus on 7/19/05

    My husband needs help too. His name is Andy and he got in
    trouble with the law when he was 18 years old. He got it for
    burglery and embesslement. He is now 26 years old and having
    the hardest time finding a job. He has a degree yet ever since
    9/11, it is now much harder for young adults with fellonies to
    find work. He called the court to find out if he can seal his
    records and the people who worked there told him that these
    are the consequences for his actions and that he will always
    be sorry and pay. I think that is so wrong for them to tell
    him that. He feels hopeless and helpless and that he will
    always work in the grocery business forever. He used to work
    at HomeDepot until his old manager moved onto Lowes Home
    Improvement. The manager guaranteed him a position with more
    pay at Lowes, so my husband took it. As soon as he arrived to
    Lowes for his first day, they told him that he didnt pass the
    background check and that he could not work there. This was
    after he gave his 2 weeks notice to Home Depot. His old
    managers from HomeDepot know how much of an asset he is to
    thier company and wants to hire him back. Yet there policies
    change and can NO longer hire anyone with a criminal
    background. Even if it is more than 10 years. It breaks my
    heart to see his education go down the drain because of some
    his careless mistakes when he was 18. He is still paying back
    his fees. But is there someway we can get his record sealed?
    All he wants to do is be a good provider for his family, yet
    we cant afford to live in the San Francisco bay area living on
    his $11hr salary. Thank you.

    On 7/12/05, 00 wrote:
    > The Attorney Chatboard is for attorney to attorney posts
    > only. If you have a legal question for an attorney, or are
    > seeking a referal for an attorney in your area, please post
    > your question to the Legal Question Chatboard.
    > On 7/12/05, Tammi wrote:
    >> I am currently trying looking for a job and I have had
    >> several interviews but when I have not recieved a call
    >> back. I have one infraction on my record that happen 9
    >> years ago, how do I go about erasing this issue.

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