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    Re: shoplifting in mo

    Posted by 00 on 7/12/05

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    On 7/12/05, Josh wrote:
    > I was caught shoplifting an item worth $150 at walmart.
    > They took down all my information and I had to sign
    > something saying I will never set foot on walmart ptoperty
    > anymore. The police were called, he gave me a ticket and a
    > date to appear in court. I was wondering what happens at
    > court. Will I be put in jail? Will I be put on probation?
    > Will I have to pay any fines? And what are they if I do?
    > This is the first time I have ever shoplifted before, but
    > I do have bad checks on my history. Please help with any
    > advice.
    > Thanks Joshua

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