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    Post: Hospital policy

    Posted by MBA1308 on 7/19/05

    My hospital has a policy of playing over the loud speaker,
    to all area, the Brahms Lullaby when a baby is born. This
    is a large community hospital that treats infertility
    patients and has a support group for those patients. One
    of these patients was very distraught hearing the lullaby
    pre-op. She had a miscarriage and was already devastated.
    After talking to other patients who were also upset
    hearing it, she inquired to the Director of Women's
    Services if they could play the lullaby in only the
    maternity ward. The Director responded that she did a
    survey throughout the hospital, and no one minds. And the
    the engineers can't figure out a solution. Her idea is to
    suspend the lullaby while someone is having a procedure.
    This will not work, since the support group has asked for
    it to be suspended for 1 hour while they meet, and it is
    still played. Question: Is there a way to legally stop
    them from causing undue emotional stress to any and all
    patients who are adversely affected by it? Please advise.
    Thank you!

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