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    Post: Question re: Practice/Case Management

    Posted by LCM on 7/21/05

    Practice and case management is always a hot topic at bar
    associations. As an experienced paralegal and case manager
    (15 years), I am opening a case management service and
    consulting firm in the Fall focused on the needs and
    budgets of small and solo firms. I am NOT attempting to
    market my services here, so to ensure your privacy, you can
    always respond and post anonymously.

    As a consultant, I would evaluation a firmís current case
    management processes (intake to closing) and make
    suggestions on improving those processes (if needed). As a
    service, I would come in on a timed-basis and update a
    firmís case management software (CMS), files, calendars,
    etc. If a firm does not use a CMS, I would, based on my
    experience, recommend a desktop, network, or online CMS to
    fit the firmís budget and needs then provide the timed
    service. If a firm does not want a CMS, I would use their
    standard office software to design and implement a virtual
    CMS then provide them the timed service.

    Unlike a CMS software company, I would provide a service
    not a product. And unlike a temp or office clerk, I have
    many years of specialized experience being a case manager.
    I have handled complex litigation, class actions, juggled
    multiple cases, assisted at trial, and have trained
    attorneys and paralegals on effective case management.

    Because I am a paralegal, my case management services are
    billable at whatever rate you set so my cost is actually
    offset and the firm makes a handsome PROFIT. Case Study:
    You are a solo practitioner with 65 active cases and are
    inundated with paper. As your case manager, I make sure
    you stay organized and have access to files, data, dates,
    etc. at a momentís notice. Say I charge $35 an hour for 6
    hours each week ($210). You then bill your clients $75 an
    hour ($450) for my services. Your firm would make $240!
    Thatís good, but it gets better. Because you now have time
    to actually practice law, you can also bill for your
    attorney services ($110 x 6 hours = $660). Your firm would
    now make an extra $990 a week for using my service.
    Multiply that times 52 weeks and the firm will profit
    $51,480 a year! Because Iím an independent contractor, you
    donít have to pay for employee benefits or taxes. Crunch
    the numbers using your rates Ė either way you profit
    because you now have time (and can bill) to practice law!

    Where your insight is needed: Based on what I described,
    the case study, and your firmís case management techniques:

    1) Do you think there is a need for such a case management

    2) What do you think would be the best way to marketing my

    3) Would you use such a service if it were available in
    your area?

    You can post your thoughts here on counsel-net, but I would
    prefer you EMAIL me instead of post them. Thanks, in
    advance, for your time (reading this long post) and your


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