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    Post: Lemon Law Rules

    Posted by Shirley on 7/27/05

    Have a question regarding lemon laws on vehicles in the
    state of Texas. I am trying to figure out how I should
    handle this situation, my car has now been in service 5
    times for the same exact problems and I have not owned the
    vehicle for a month yet. I have insured the vehicle,
    however I have not tagged the car in my name yet b/c it's
    so expensive and the car wasn't even holding up. They are
    now saying they can't take it back as a trade b/c of the
    title not being transferred to my name yet, but, correct me
    if I'm wrong, but can't the dealership take the car anyway
    they want to with or without the car in my name yet? I am
    in such a rut, can anyone help me?

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