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    Re: transaction * PS*

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 8/05/05

    There are 22 federal agencies that potentially have oversight

    On 8/05/05, Curmudgeon wrote:
    > Sure, you can opt out of the CISG and specify the jurisdiction
    > and venue. You didn't say what kind of trade your friend was
    > interested in, but don't ever discount the potential of DOD,
    > Commerce Department, and Homeland Security oversight, as well as
    > Customs and other state and federal taxing authorities.
    > On 8/05/05, Eve new attoreny wrote:
    >> Gees, Curmudgeon, that's really helpful. I believe a
    >> international trade does not need to turns on the whole body
    > of
    >> internatonal business law. I believe CISG is a place to
    > start,
    >> which will probably apply to the contract b/t the seller and
    >> buyer. As to the commisson contract between seller and my
    >> friend, we will try to apply the CA law. What do you think?
    >> On 8/04/05, Curmudgeon wrote:
    >>> Don't even consider it. I'm a professor of International
    >>> Business Law. If you don't even know where to start, you'll
    >>> never find your way through the myriad mazes.

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