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    Post: Medical Malpractise

    Posted by Rick on 8/05/05

    Approximately May 30th, 2005 my mother went to the
    emergency room in Lorain, oh because her stomach was very
    swollen, sore and she couldnít pass stool for a number of
    days. While in the emergency room, she started developing
    chest pains. The hospital decided to admit her that
    evening. She was in a regular hospital room for about a
    day and a half. I spoke to her doctor and the nurses and
    expressed concerns that her stomach was swollen and I
    wanted them to look at it. They said they werenít worried
    about her stomach at that point, that they wanted to
    figure out what was going on with her chest. I asked them
    on the phone from Memphis, TN if it is possible that her
    stomach can be related to the chest problem, and they said

    The next day I called and a nurse told me my mother had
    been moved to ICU. The nurse would not tell me anything. I
    called ICU and they told me to call back in an hour or so.
    I explained to them that was my mother and I am in TN. The
    nurse then handed my mother the phone and she could barely
    talk. No one else talked to me.

    Finally I called her doctor again and she told me my
    motherís oxygen saturation went down to 30%, so they put
    her in ICU. I asked what could the problem be and he
    didnít know. Again I asked if they looked at her stomach
    and she said no. I then told her that my mother drinks
    alcohol and smokes cigarettes. I also told her that I am
    the oldest and would be the one who would give consent for
    any procedures.

    I called the nursing station later that evening and asked
    what was going on. This time the nurse said my mother had
    pneumonia. I asked again if they were looking at her
    stomach and again they said no.

    I decided to go to Lorain and see my mother on
    approximately the 6th of June. I saw my motherís stomach
    was very, very swollen. My mother was complaining that her
    stomach was very painful and she expressed that no one
    looked at it yet. The hospital had her on a CPAC, forced
    oxygen, to keep her oxygen saturation up. I asked them
    what was wrong with her stomach, they said they didnít
    know. I asked about her lungs and this time I was told
    they didnít know what was wrong with them as well. I was
    told they are not working well. I asked if they would get
    better and I was told they didnít know. I was not getting
    any answers. The nurses told me my mother was very
    combative and was trying to take the oxygen mask off, so
    they kept her heavily sedated and tied her hands down to
    her side. They also told me she was hallucinating. They
    told me she was going through alcohol with drawls and this
    causes that. I told them that yes, my mother likes to
    drink. but when she came out here to TN to see us, she
    didnít drink here and never hallucinated. I told the
    doctor that she is on medication and since she hasnít
    taken this medicine for some time, that may be what is
    causing the hallucinations.

    On approximately June 8th, a surgeon called me and asked
    if I can come to the hospital. I went and he told me they
    have to perform surgery urgently. They said they have to
    find out what is going on with my mother inside her
    stomach and they were going to do this the very next
    morning. I asked about the risk and he said it is very
    risky, that she may not come out of it alive. I asked how
    she would breath during this and he said they would put
    her on a ventilator.

    The next day I came to the hospital to see her before the
    surgery. I spoke to the Lung doctor about her lungs and he
    still didnít know what was going on. They took my mother
    down and performed the surgery. After the surgery the
    surgeon told us that she had Diverticulitis and he had to
    remove about a foot and a half of intestine. He said they
    gave her a bag. I asked if it could be reversed and he
    said if she lives.
    After the surgery, she still had the ventilator on and
    they kept my mother so drugged up that she didnít even
    know we were there.

    I went home for the weekend and came back around the 12th
    of June. She was still knocked out from the heavy
    sedatives they gave her. Later that week, I happened to
    walk in while a doctor was seeing her. I told the doctor
    who I was and he told me he was the infectious disease
    control doctor. I asked him what happened and he told me
    that my mother has diverticulitis and her intestines
    ruptured. This caused her to contract sepsis which
    attacked her lungs. I asked him why the hospital made my
    mother sit in the hospital for 8 days before they looked
    at her stomach. He couldnít answer that.
    After talking to the doctor, I went to the hospital
    administration. I talked to the chief nurse and told her
    that I am not getting any answers as to what is going on
    with my mother. I told her that one person says she has
    pneumonia, and another says they donít know. I told her
    what the Infectious Disease control doctor told me and I
    expressed concerns for my motherís well being there.

    I went back home to TN and waited to see what happened.
    My mother ended up coming out of it. She was transferred
    to a rehab center to help her walk again and show her how
    to take care of the bag.

    I am looking for some advice as to what I can do about
    this. My mother sat in the hospital for 8 days with a
    swollen stomach before they looked at it. Then it turned
    out that her stomach was a direct relationship to her lung
    problems. If they would of looked at her stomach first,
    they would of found the problem and maybe she wouldnít of
    been so bad off. Maybe she wouldnít of needed the bag.

    Now when she goes to her appointments, they all tell her
    how close to death she was, but no one will tell her for
    sure what happened. One doctor told her that she had no
    classic signs of diverticulitis. What is a swollen stomach
    and not passing anything for 7 days mean?

    This took a lot out of me. The worrying about my mother.
    The constant calling 3 times a day to the nursing station
    only to hear she has not gotten any better and no, we did
    not check her stomach yet. I had to drive to Lorain twice
    and leave my family here. I saw my mother the sickest and
    closest to death ever. And I feel it could have been
    prevented if they would of looked at her stomach.

    Do we have a case?

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