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    Post: Looking to get into Labor Relations/Employment Law

    Posted by JD2ESQ on 8/10/05

    Here is my dilemna. Graduated law school in May 2004. I
    have about five years professional experience (two of
    those spent at a legal job during my law school career). I
    have a desire to go into Labor/ Employment. BUT I am not
    having the best luck.
    I worked at an employment litigation law firm for about 6
    months before I resigned to study for the bar. I also
    worked at a Law Clerk drafting summation briefs for
    arbitrations. Short of that, I don't have additional
    experience in the arbitration area...although my resume is
    pretty impressive so early on in my career.
    I am trying to get into Labor Relations in
    a "representative" or "specialist" level. However, I am
    not having any luck at all. I have no preference at this
    point to go into union versus management to be honest. My
    main goal at this point is TO LEARN and to attain
    arbitration experience and experience with collective
    bargaining agreements. So my question is, does any one
    know of any labor relations positions??? And if my
    experience doesn't cut it, how can I go about going into
    the field?
    I just got slighted for the Labor Relations Representative
    position at a public-benefit corporation after making it
    through two interviews. FRUSTRATION!! Although I had the
    two years requisite experience, I am almost positive I
    didn't get it because of lack of a little more
    experience...or the fact that I wasn't an avid sports
    fan...who the hell knows?? (and I was sure I nailed it)
    Anyway, since then I have tried other angles, but many of
    the employee relations positions ask for 5 years in the
    field, and seem to fit more of a
    "human resources generalist" person. I have a JD--and I
    want to use it--not recruit, hire and fire, you know?. And
    meanwhile I nervously await my bar results (woe is me) I
    NEED TO WORK and if I can avoid doc review or the
    impossible interviews for imaginary positions at temp
    agencies, I'd rather get REAL experience in my field.

    Any thoughts?

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