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    Post: Please Help Me (Sex Offender)

    Posted by Trent on 8/11/05

    Five years ago, I was convicted of sexual misconduct.. I
    know this was stupid and wrong. I had to go through two
    years of supervised probation plus attend sexual offender
    meetings every monday night for two years (without fail).
    Being an OTR Truck driver, this was a challenge in itself.

    Sometimes, this registering every three months, no
    possible way of passing a background check to persue my
    interest (alcohol - drug counselor), the humiliation, the
    overwhelming shame is more than I can stand.

    Outside of this offense, I've never been in trouble with
    the law. I am 52 yrs old and have quit drinking for 3 yrs
    now (which had a lot to do with my stupid behavior). The
    victim was my step daughter who is now married, divorced
    and has children, and says she doesnt hold anything
    against me. (I touched her with my hand during my
    drinking and taking strong medications) (still inexcusable

    three years ago, I wrecked my pickup and (blackout), and
    have completely quit drinking after 38 years of heavy
    drinking. My counselor in S.A.T.O.P. over the DWI, (also
    over sexual programs in a major city, advised me to persue
    my interest as counselor and get this record exspunged,
    but I don't know how or where to go. Being 52 yrs old, sex
    is not very interesting to me anymore but this new career
    is. I could get off this disabiltiy and start out a new
    life, but this curse follows me....can I get help?
    Sometimes it's more than I can take emotionally. Where
    can I go to live to get relief? Is there an attorney out
    there that would be willing to take a chance on me? Or do
    I spend the rest of my life in this mental agony & just
    finally die?
    I need help...I need another chance to become productive
    and respectible human being...I could ful-fill that
    responsibility, as I said I never even had a misdemeanor
    outside of this craziness.
    I'm not just asking, I'm begging someone to help me get
    over this obstacle at whatever cost. I'm not this person
    they have made me to appear like. I wouldn't hurt a
    child, I would die for him/her first. People in this
    community even tho I've only been here a little over a
    year know I'm not this kind of person.
    If there is someone out there who really cares about my
    pain and wants to help me. I will do whatever
    it takes, go back to college and start life over.
    Thanx for reading.

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