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    Posted by STEPHEN SHORT on 8/04/06

    On 8/20/05, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. wrote:
    > Dear D.C. Attorney,
    > Very weak! First of all she's a woman. Her husband is a
    > football coach who really runs the state. The first
    > significant thing she did was to go down to Cuba and kiss the
    > feet of Cuban Communist Murderous Dictator Fidel Castro. The
    > officials of the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District
    > (Port of Lake Charles) did the same thing. Secondly, during
    > her first session of the Louisiana legislature, she did
    > nothing to stop the passage of hundreds and hundreds of new
    > laws. In Louisiana we live in an ocean of laws. You have heard
    > it said that there are too many lawyers. Not in Louisiana! In
    > Louisiana there are not enough. Everything in Louisiana,
    > everything, has to do with law. Almost everyone, everyone,
    > has a serious legal problem. Our school students are taught
    > that in Louisiana we have Napoleonic Law. Nothing could be
    > further from the truth. We used to have Napoleonic Law, but
    > not any longer. Napoleon said that since every man was
    > presumed to know the law, and that since ignorance of the law
    > was no excuse for violation of the law (IGNORANTIA NON EXCUSIT
    > LEGIS). that there should be no more laws than would fit in a
    > one-volume code that would fit in a woman's purse or a man's
    > hip pocket. Thus his lawgivers gave him the CODE NAPOLEON,
    > which Louisiana adopted as its own and which served us well
    > for over two hundred years until the Louisiana Law Explosion
    > of recent years. The very idea of a CODEX is that it is a one
    > volume tome. Now our so-called LOUISIANA CIVIL CODE, even the
    > Thompson-West edition, is two large volumes consisting of
    > about two thousand pages and weighing about ten pounds, if not
    > more. Instead of being governed by clearly stated principles
    > of law contained in a one volume CODEX, we are now governed by
    > what has become the "Louisiana Common Law", and by at least a
    > hundred thousand black-letter separately indexed and numbered
    > statutes, some of which are pages and pages long. The drivers
    > license law alone is about sixty-one double columned pages
    > that only a termite could read without manigfying glass. In
    > Louisiana we now live in an ocean of laws. What we were once
    > proud of in Louisiana as the CODE MORROW, or the Louisiana
    > Criminal Code, a short, clear, terse and succinct statement of
    > definitions of criminal offenses and short rules of criminal
    > statutory interpretation, has now become another West-Thompson
    > monstrosity of a volume of about a thousand pages,if not more;
    > and again, it now contains the definitions of so many recently
    > adopted stated criminal offenses that almost every man, woman
    > and child in Louisiana is guilty of having committed some
    > criminal offense; and Louisiana leads the Nation in having the
    > largest number of prior convicted felons than any other state
    > in the Union; and the same applies to it's prison population.
    > Lousisian has upwards of ten large state prisons, if not
    > more. I have also read that Louisiana has more persons
    > imprisoned in its state prisions, per capita, than any other
    > state in the nation, or even any other nation in the world.
    > The prison industry is probably one of the largest, if not the
    > largest, industires in the state of Louisiana. It is so large
    > that corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange have
    > gone to running large prisons for the state of Louisiana.
    > Recently when a large "river-boat" gambling casino named
    > Pinochel Pinoche Casino opened its "L'Auberge" casino, hotel
    > golf course and $1,000 a day Villas, it had to delay its
    > scheduled opening for several weeks because it could not find
    > the necessary employees to staff its operations, since there
    > were so many Louisianians that had felonies against them, that
    > it had to go out of state, and even out of the United States
    > to find the necessary employees so that it could opoen. Also,
    > the state universities, like the local McNeese State
    > university, have made an unholy alliance with Organized
    > Gambling and seek to derive every penney they can from the
    > Organized Gambling Industry; and, the local university is even
    > at the present moment advertising about a large "Texas Hold-
    > 'Em" Poker Tournament to be held locally very soon and from
    > which McNeese University expects to receive thousands of
    > dollars for improvements to its Jack Doland Field House. The
    > late, great McNeese Football Coach, University President and
    > Louisiana State Senator Jack Doland would roll over in his
    > grave if he knew that his name and the name of his family were
    > being being associated and advertised publicly with such an
    > unwholesome activity. When gambling was approved by the
    > Legislature in Louisiana, the people were assured that it
    > would be very, very regulated and conducted only on Casino
    > river boats plying the lakes and rivers of Louisiana. Now
    > there are Poker Machine gambling casinos with up to fifty
    > poker machines at almost every truck stop in Louisiana, and
    > almost every restaurant in the state has a gambling room with
    > three video poker machines; and one restaurant building here
    > in Lake Charles has been converted from a single restaurant
    > into a three-business gambling operation consisting of a
    > restaurant with one name and a three video poker machine
    > gambling room, a Daiquiri Shop with a three video poker
    > machine gambling room, and a traditional bar-room with its
    > three video poker gambling room, all in one relatively small
    > building under one roof on one street corner in Lake Charles;
    > all three gambling-type businesses are owned by the same rich
    > gambling tycoon. Gambling has taken over in Louisiana. It is
    > really a state not fit for a child to grow up in. It is
    > quickly becoming a police state, if there ever was one. The
    > Louisiana State Bar Association thinks so little of Louisiana
    > that it has not held but one of its Annual Conventions in
    > Louisiana in the last forty years, since I became a lawyer.
    > The Louisiana District Attorney's Association won't even hold
    > its Annual Convention in Louisiana, but takes it out of
    > state. A lot of that is because there are over five-hundred
    > unsolved murders on the books, most of them happening to out
    > of state tourists, many many of these having happened to
    > tourists in the New Orleans French Quarter. There is more to
    > it all than this, but this is something to think about. I am
    > considering very seriously running for governor so that I can
    > straighten this state and its crazy legal, educational,
    > medical and criminal "justice" ystems out. Louisiana's
    > educational system, both elementary and secondary, as well as
    > higher educational systems, always rank the lowest in
    > traditional national rankings, all except its L.S.U. Football
    > team. Further, the health-care system in Louisiana is
    > deplorable. I will talk more about that later. Well, you
    > asked, so you got the answer. Althouth the the little lady
    > governor is doing here best, apparently she just does not have
    > what it takes to run a whole state, not even with her foot-
    > ball coach husband to tell her what to do. Thanks for your
    > concern!
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    > Ronald Reagan Democrat
    > (Possible Candidate for Governor - 2007)
    > D.C. Attorney wrote:
    >> Hi Hardy,
    >> What do you think of the new governor down there?
    >> DC
    >> On 8/18/05, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. wrote:
    >>> In Louisiana, to sell legalized gambling to the populace,
    >>> the legislature passed a law that said the only casino-
    >>> type gambling would be on riverboats, as if to say that
    >>> casino gambling would not pollute the towns, but would be
    >>> out on the rivers during on boats under way on river
    >>> cruises. And that is the way it started. Then they passed
    >>> a law that said that the river boats could stay dockside
    >>> while casino gambling took place aboard. But what has
    >>> developed lately is a phony operation by some casinos,
    >>> such as Pinochle Casino (L'Auberge) in Lake Charles
    >>> whereby the so-called "river-boat" sits in a cement pond
    >>> on land near the river; and it could not be taken for a
    >>> cruise up or down the river if L'Auberge wanted to. How
    >>> phony! How phony of the corrupt Louisiana elected
    >>> officals and governmentleaders!
    >>> Also, the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District (Port
    >>> of Lake Charles), paid for with tax-payer dollars, and
    >>> which was established by early Louisiana leaders to
    >>> promote maritime commerce, has sold out to Organized
    >>> Gambling and now the large Pinochle (L'Auberge) Casino,
    >>> Golf Course, Hotel and Thouand-Dollar-A Day villas occupy
    >>> the land bought and paid for and owned by the taxpayers.
    >>> Again, how phony!
    >>> Sincerely,
    >>> Hardy Parkeson, Attorney
    >>> Lake Charles, LA

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