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    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. on 8/20/05

    Dear D.C. Attorney,

    Very weak! First of all she's a woman. Her husband is a
    football coach who really runs the state. The first
    significant thing she did was to go down to Cuba and kiss the
    feet of Cuban Communist Murderous Dictator Fidel Castro. The
    officials of the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District
    (Port of Lake Charles) did the same thing. Secondly, during
    her first session of the Louisiana legislature, she did
    nothing to stop the passage of hundreds and hundreds of new
    laws. In Louisiana we live in an ocean of laws. You have heard
    it said that there are too many lawyers. Not in Louisiana! In
    Louisiana there are not enough. Everything in Louisiana,
    everything, has to do with law. Almost everyone, everyone,
    has a serious legal problem. Our school students are taught
    that in Louisiana we have Napoleonic Law. Nothing could be
    further from the truth. We used to have Napoleonic Law, but
    not any longer. Napoleon said that since every man was
    presumed to know the law, and that since ignorance of the law
    was no excuse for violation of the law (IGNORANTIA NON EXCUSIT
    LEGIS). that there should be no more laws than would fit in a
    one-volume code that would fit in a woman's purse or a man's
    hip pocket. Thus his lawgivers gave him the CODE NAPOLEON,
    which Louisiana adopted as its own and which served us well
    for over two hundred years until the Louisiana Law Explosion
    of recent years. The very idea of a CODEX is that it is a one
    volume tome. Now our so-called LOUISIANA CIVIL CODE, even the
    Thompson-West edition, is two large volumes consisting of
    about two thousand pages and weighing about ten pounds, if not
    more. Instead of being governed by clearly stated principles
    of law contained in a one volume CODEX, we are now governed by
    what has become the "Louisiana Common Law", and by at least a
    hundred thousand black-letter separately indexed and numbered
    statutes, some of which are pages and pages long. The drivers
    license law alone is about sixty-one double columned pages
    that only a termite could read without manigfying glass. In
    Louisiana we now live in an ocean of laws. What we were once
    proud of in Louisiana as the CODE MORROW, or the Louisiana
    Criminal Code, a short, clear, terse and succinct statement of
    definitions of criminal offenses and short rules of criminal
    statutory interpretation, has now become another West-Thompson
    monstrosity of a volume of about a thousand pages,if not more;
    and again, it now contains the definitions of so many recently
    adopted stated criminal offenses that almost every man, woman
    and child in Louisiana is guilty of having committed some
    criminal offense; and Louisiana leads the Nation in having the
    largest number of prior convicted felons than any other state
    in the Union; and the same applies to it's prison population.
    Lousisian has upwards of ten large state prisons, if not
    more. I have also read that Louisiana has more persons
    imprisoned in its state prisions, per capita, than any other
    state in the nation, or even any other nation in the world.
    The prison industry is probably one of the largest, if not the
    largest, industires in the state of Louisiana. It is so large
    that corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange have
    gone to running large prisons for the state of Louisiana.
    Recently when a large "river-boat" gambling casino named
    Pinochel Pinoche Casino opened its "L'Auberge" casino, hotel
    golf course and $1,000 a day Villas, it had to delay its
    scheduled opening for several weeks because it could not find
    the necessary employees to staff its operations, since there
    were so many Louisianians that had felonies against them, that
    it had to go out of state, and even out of the United States
    to find the necessary employees so that it could opoen. Also,
    the state universities, like the local McNeese State
    university, have made an unholy alliance with Organized
    Gambling and seek to derive every penney they can from the
    Organized Gambling Industry; and, the local university is even
    at the present moment advertising about a large "Texas Hold-
    'Em" Poker Tournament to be held locally very soon and from
    which McNeese University expects to receive thousands of
    dollars for improvements to its Jack Doland Field House. The
    late, great McNeese Football Coach, University President and
    Louisiana State Senator Jack Doland would roll over in his
    grave if he knew that his name and the name of his family were
    being being associated and advertised publicly with such an
    unwholesome activity. When gambling was approved by the
    Legislature in Louisiana, the people were assured that it
    would be very, very regulated and conducted only on Casino
    river boats plying the lakes and rivers of Louisiana. Now
    there are Poker Machine gambling casinos with up to fifty
    poker machines at almost every truck stop in Louisiana, and
    almost every restaurant in the state has a gambling room with
    three video poker machines; and one restaurant building here
    in Lake Charles has been converted from a single restaurant
    into a three-business gambling operation consisting of a
    restaurant with one name and a three video poker machine
    gambling room, a Daiquiri Shop with a three video poker
    machine gambling room, and a traditional bar-room with its
    three video poker gambling room, all in one relatively small
    building under one roof on one street corner in Lake Charles;
    all three gambling-type businesses are owned by the same rich
    gambling tycoon. Gambling has taken over in Louisiana. It is
    really a state not fit for a child to grow up in. It is
    quickly becoming a police state, if there ever was one. The
    Louisiana State Bar Association thinks so little of Louisiana
    that it has not held but one of its Annual Conventions in
    Louisiana in the last forty years, since I became a lawyer.
    The Louisiana District Attorney's Association won't even hold
    its Annual Convention in Louisiana, but takes it out of
    state. A lot of that is because there are over five-hundred
    unsolved murders on the books, most of them happening to out
    of state tourists, many many of these having happened to
    tourists in the New Orleans French Quarter. There is more to
    it all than this, but this is something to think about. I am
    considering very seriously running for governor so that I can
    straighten this state and its crazy legal, educational,
    medical and criminal "justice" ystems out. Louisiana's
    educational system, both elementary and secondary, as well as
    higher educational systems, always rank the lowest in
    traditional national rankings, all except its L.S.U. Football
    team. Further, the health-care system in Louisiana is
    deplorable. I will talk more about that later. Well, you
    asked, so you got the answer. Althouth the the little lady
    governor is doing here best, apparently she just does not have
    what it takes to run a whole state, not even with her foot-
    ball coach husband to tell her what to do. Thanks for your


    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Ronald Reagan Democrat
    (Possible Candidate for Governor - 2007)

    D.C. Attorney wrote:

    > Hi Hardy,
    > What do you think of the new governor down there?
    > DC
    > On 8/18/05, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. wrote:

    >> In Louisiana, to sell legalized gambling to the populace,
    >> the legislature passed a law that said the only casino-
    >> type gambling would be on riverboats, as if to say that
    >> casino gambling would not pollute the towns, but would be
    >> out on the rivers during on boats under way on river
    >> cruises. And that is the way it started. Then they passed
    >> a law that said that the river boats could stay dockside
    >> while casino gambling took place aboard. But what has
    >> developed lately is a phony operation by some casinos,
    >> such as Pinochle Casino (L'Auberge) in Lake Charles
    >> whereby the so-called "river-boat" sits in a cement pond
    >> on land near the river; and it could not be taken for a
    >> cruise up or down the river if L'Auberge wanted to. How
    >> phony! How phony of the corrupt Louisiana elected
    >> officals and governmentleaders!
    >> Also, the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District (Port
    >> of Lake Charles), paid for with tax-payer dollars, and
    >> which was established by early Louisiana leaders to
    >> promote maritime commerce, has sold out to Organized
    >> Gambling and now the large Pinochle (L'Auberge) Casino,
    >> Golf Course, Hotel and Thouand-Dollar-A Day villas occupy
    >> the land bought and paid for and owned by the taxpayers.
    >> Again, how phony!
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Hardy Parkeson, Attorney
    >> Lake Charles, LA

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