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    Re: Thank you, Hardy...

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA on 8/29/05

    This is Hardy Parkerson. I append my name to what I publish.
    Franklin Roosevelt said that anyone who would write an anonymous
    letter is a coward. YOu obviously are. And to say I have
    contempt for women. Me! Hardy Parkerson! I'm like Will Rogers:
    I never met a woman I didn't like. I love 'em all, especially
    blondes...and red-heads and brunettes and diswater blonds and
    green-haired ones and orange-haired ones. Nothing better than a
    pretty woman, and they are all pretty to me. If not, just let
    me work on then a day or two, and they'll be looking like
    something out of VOGUE MAGAZINE.

    You batard, if I ever find out who you are, you will rue the day
    you ever said a slanderous word againt me. And the great Jim
    Brown is a friend of mine, and I am proud to have been his
    friend for over forty years. He is the most talented statesman
    in America today, notwithstanding that he got taken down with
    Edwin Edwards when the feds set out to take Edwards down.
    Brown's greatest crime is that he refused to lie against his
    friend Edwin W. Edwards.

    You batard, someday soon I am going to hire somebody to trace
    you down, and when I do, you will rue the day you ever slandered
    me just once, not to mention the many, many times you have done

    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Lake Charles

    On 8/25/05, Anybody in Lake Charles wrote:
    > On 8/24/05, Deborah D wrote:
    >> ...for not taking my tort case against the slumlord who knew
    >> mold was growing in my apartment's HVAC system, walls, etc...
    >> I had no idea you had such contempt for women. Does your
    >> wife know?
    >> Deborah Daniels Davitt
    >> On 8/18/05, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. wrote:
    >>> In Louisiana, to sell legalized gambling to the populace,
    >>> the legislature passed a law that said the only casino-
    >>> type gambling would be on riverboats, as if to say that
    >>> casino gambling would not pollute the towns, but would be
    >>> out on the rivers during on boats under way on river
    >>> cruises. And that is the way it started. Then they passed
    >>> a law that said that the river boats could stay dockside
    >>> while casino gambling took place aboard. But what has
    >>> developed lately is a phony operation by some casinos,
    >>> such as Pinochle Casino (L'Auberge) in Lake Charles
    >>> whereby the so-called "river-boat" sits in a cement pond
    >> on land near the river; and it could not be taken for a
    >>> cruise up or down the river if L'Auberge wanted to. How
    >>> phony! How phony of the corrupt Louisiana elected
    >>> officals and governmentleaders!
    >>> Also, the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District (Port
    >>> of Lake Charles), paid for with tax-payer dollars, and
    >>> which was established by early Louisiana leaders to
    >>> promote maritime commerce, has sold out to Organized
    >>> Gambling and now the large Pinochle (L'Auberge) Casino,
    >>> Golf Course, Hotel and Thouand-Dollar-A Day villas occupy
    >>> the land bought and paid for and owned by the taxpayers.
    >>>>> Again, how phony!
    >>>>> Sincerely,Hardy Parkeson, Attorney Lake Charles, LA
    > Please don't judge the rest of the people of Louisiana or is
    > legal community by rantings Hardy Parkerson . Its apparent that
    > Hardy is obsessed with being recognized for something.
    > Obviously he has had a mediocre existence as a mediocre lawyer.
    > He has felled to achieve any satisfaction or notoriety for
    > himself. So he tags in with con and felons in Louisiana
    > politics. Hardy claim to fame is, he a friend of convicted
    > Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance. Brown was convicted for
    > lying to Federal agents and was disbarred from the practice of
    > law and served in the Federal Bureau of Prison system. Hardy
    > Parkerson is a big windbag with a big ego. Hardy doesn't only
    > have contempt women, but is a man filled with hatred for all he
    > comes into contact with. Cowardly would be a good term for
    > Hardy. He uses this boards on the internet to say, what he
    > wouldn't say to a person's face.

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