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    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. on 8/29/05

    Young man, I have seen thee strolling
    In the stillness of the park.
    Day by day, hand in pocket
    Of your thin, familiar jacket,
    Twlight into dark.
    I have come to know your whistle,
    Know your collie,
    Know your cap.
    Have seen the straggling sunlight hold you,
    Watched the emerald grass enfold you
    In its loving lap.
    With your lichened switch I see you
    Flick the mushrooms in your way.
    And I know what you are thinking.
    Would that through the soft mist falling
    You could hear a stranger calling,

    Anybody know who wrote this poem which is said to have
    been J.F.K.'s favorite? One interpretation of it is of a
    young man who strolls in something like Central Park (NYC)
    each afternoon late and is watched from the window of a
    high-rise apartment or hosptial nearby by an invalid
    and/or homebound disabled person (surely a female), who
    looks forward each day to the young man's arrival and
    watches his every move, and that of his collie, and who is
    close enough to hear his whistle, or can see that he is
    whistling and "hears" it in her own mind, and who dreds
    the time when the younng man walks away from the park just
    before sun down. That evaluation of the poem was more or
    less written in some other words by my late, great father
    J.D. Parkerson, born Rocky Mount, LA, 1911, a poet
    himself, among other things. I wonder if my father wrote
    that poem. If so, he never told me he did. However, I
    found it among his possessions after he died, as well as
    his intrepretation of it, and the memorandum to which his
    hand-written interpretation was attached said that this
    was J.F.K.'s favorite poem. But I wonder who did write
    it. Does anybody know?


    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Lake Charles, LA

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