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    Posted by Ozarks Lawyer - The Anti-Poet. on 8/29/05

    Does anyone really read this crap and become moved by it?
    Come to know your whistle? Flick the mushrooms? Ah, come

    On 8/29/05, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. wrote:
    > Young man, I have seen thee strolling
    > In the stillness of the park.
    > Day by day, hand in pocket
    > Of your thin, familiar jacket,
    > Twlight into dark.
    > I have come to know your whistle,
    > Know your collie,
    > Know your cap.
    > Have seen the straggling sunlight hold you,
    > Watched the emerald grass enfold you
    > In its loving lap.
    > With your lichened switch I see you
    > Flick the mushrooms in your way.
    > And I know what you are thinking.
    > Would that through the soft mist falling
    > You could hear a stranger calling,
    > Stay!
    > Anybody know who wrote this poem which is said to have
    > been J.F.K.'s favorite? One interpretation of it is of a
    > young man who strolls in something like Central Park (NYC)
    > each afternoon late and is watched from the window of a
    > high-rise apartment or hosptial nearby by an invalid
    > and/or homebound disabled person (surely a female), who
    > looks forward each day to the young man's arrival and
    > watches his every move, and that of his collie, and who is
    > close enough to hear his whistle, or can see that he is
    > whistling and "hears" it in her own mind, and who dreds
    > the time when the younng man walks away from the park just
    > before sun down. That evaluation of the poem was more or
    > less written in some other words by my late, great father
    > J.D. Parkerson, born Rocky Mount, LA, 1911, a poet
    > himself, among other things. I wonder if my father wrote
    > that poem. If so, he never told me he did. However, I
    > found it among his possessions after he died, as well as
    > his intrepretation of it, and the memorandum to which his
    > hand-written interpretation was attached said that this
    > was J.F.K.'s favorite poem. But I wonder who did write
    > it. Does anybody know?
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    > Lake Charles, LA

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