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    Post: Katrina

    Posted by Your Cuz on 9/14/05

    Hey, Cuz!

    Are you in Lake Charles or New Orleans? Web postings leave
    me confused (easily done at the best of times). If the
    former, Katrina shouldn't have been much of a bother. If
    the latter, however, me and mine are curious about where
    you and yours may currently be floating...?

    We are currently floating high above the waters at c. 8,500
    feet altitude in the Rockies, as last noted. But plans
    since our last comm. have changed; now we are bound for
    lower parts --at least as far as Colorado Springs, or
    possibly Las Vegas, Reno, Albuquerque, Phoenix and other
    parts Southwest. Much depends on what much usually depends
    upon, n'est pas?

    Anyway, if you are high and dry at home or in some refugee
    camp somewhere (some are actually in Colorado Springs, that
    noted Gulf Coast annex!) how 'bout e-mailing an I'm-alive

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