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    Re: Michael Paul Bride, - pompous .

    Posted by Brandi Olivia Postum, J.D. on 12/11/05

    I am not a member of the Louisiana bar, although I maintain a law
    pracitce there. I am admitted to practice only in Federal courts
    in Louisiana. Also, I teach Evidence and Conflicts of Interest at
    Tulane Law School, at least did before the Hurricane.


    On 11/16/05, RSN LA Lawyer wrote:
    > Brandi-
    > I noticed that you referred to yourself as "Atty." Where do you
    > practice? I checked the Louisiana State Bar website but your
    > name does not appear as a practicing attorney. Are you?
    > On 11/07/05, DC Attorney wrote:
    >> "Dr." How many ways can you spell 'pompous'? This guy's just
    > a
    >> lawyer after all.
    >> On 10/29/05, JayJay wrote:
    >>> Dr. Bride lives in Lake Charles, LA. He no longer practices
    >>> law, except that he might still handle appeals for other
    >>> lawyer. His specialty was, and I suppose still is,
    >>> appellate advocacy.
    >>> JayJay, Atty. - Sulphur, LA
    >>> On 9/17/05, Brandi Olivia Postum, Atty. - New Orleans wrote:
    >>>> I went to law school at L.S.U. with a Michael Paul
    >>>> Bride from New Orleans, but I have not seen nor heard of
    >>>> him since. Recently I saw his name somewhere and it
    >>>> referred to his degree as S.J.D. S.J.D. is the
    >>>> abbreviaton of the Latin words "doctor of juridical
    >>>> science." I have wondered about my friend, now
    >>>> apparently "Dr." Bride, over the years and I would like to
    >>>> at least give him a phone call. Does anybody know where
    >>>> and how I might contact him? If so, please post it here,
    >>>> so I can try to renew an old and once warm friendship.
    >>>> Thanks Brandi!

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