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    Post: Employees who solicte donors 4 profit / employer liabilty?

    Posted by Rex on 12/14/05

    For over 3 years I have made plasma donations at a local
    blood bank, in exchange for my donations I am compensatied
    30 dollars for my time. Most people who donate at this
    center are poor.
    Over the course of the past 3 years and employee who works
    for the company which takes my plasma has often saught to
    engage me in private conversation (while working) about
    matters dealing with religion. As I am not of the same
    faith I have always tried to avoid these conversations as
    politely as possible. I have also witness this same
    employee engage others (donors as well as co-workers) in
    the same kind of conversation often with the same result
    and never with any interferance from the management of
    this local branch.

    First question: Is it legal for an employee to engage in
    this type of behavior?

    I do not believe it is but as he has never personally
    offended me I have not made a point of this. Las Sunday
    however this employee presented me with documentation
    which he insisted that I review. He also at the same time
    (this occured immediately after I had made my donation and
    was waiting to be paid my 30 dollar fee), instructed me to
    pay him 10 dollars, provide my name & address along with
    the names and addresses of 6 family members and/or friends.

    In exchange for employement in his pyrimad based
    organization. When I informed him that I was not
    interested in joining such an organization he went on to
    say the normal fee was 40.00 but the 10.00 price was
    special and he was giving me a break. I told him yet
    again that I was not interested. He still insisted that I
    take the information and read it and then get back to him
    with what I thought. He was very forceful in this matter
    and even raised his voice a bit while talking to me
    (another employee witnessed this) all of this occured
    inside the center on the center's property.

    I took the information home and found it to be a bit
    shocking and a bit offensive and because of this employees
    behavior I feel some what threatened regarding going back
    to donate for fear of what he might say or DO next.

    My question is what should I do? Four days has past since
    this insident, I have called the blood bank in question
    and he verified that he is still working there. I find
    this hard to believe because I am certain that he has
    approached other donor's with same documeentation making
    the same financial requests of folks who could least
    afford to do this but may feel intimidated to do so.

    I am considering going to the manager and asking him to
    call corperate while I am there and inquire if that have
    any type of program in place which rewards donors for
    informing them of possible legal or ethical matters that
    if not address would negatively affect there business and
    profit potential if such information were to become public
    knowledge? (aka whistle blower program)

    Question: Is it legal for me to do this?

    Or should I just go to my local news and report this

    My consern is that I am a private citizen with no desire
    to be involed in the outcome of this matter but I do wish
    to see it resolved. I am also conserned for my own safety
    should this employee find out that I am the person who
    brought this matter to light.

    I also do not feel good about returning to this bloodbank
    any longer but do not feel that it is fair that I should
    loose potential revenue (I have a perfect donor history
    with this company) do to the actions of an empolyee.

    Please forgive any typo's I will try to re-edit but I am
    hoping someone can give me advice on this matter.


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