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    Re: drug test***Bob***

    Posted by v on 2/17/06

    Bob: I appologise for useing this board to repnd to this thread.
    You ask how are you doing, i can tell you this. I ave been to about
    two other sites briefly simalar to, where the publicand
    attorneys answer legal questions ... same as here. Looking over the
    public area, no attorneys mingle on the publics contributions. There
    for, there is more wrong information left behind, as well as many
    poorly answerd questions. Here at least, i think the public trys a
    little hardr because of the attorneys who contribute to the threads
    on the public chatboards. Regardless if the threads get out of hand,
    there is a much better learnning process going on here than any
    where else i've seen so far. When you seperate people into classes,
    and make the srtucture of the boards to ridgid, you lose somthing in
    the way of comraderie ... and the freedom to express ones self more
    openly. I see where the attorneys here who aren't afraid to rub
    elbows with common folk ... are more of an asset to the mission of
    these boards. If you crimp expression, you crimp the foundation and
    spirit of it's intended purpose. Which is to educate.
    Another thing. IMHO. Is the simpler the better. Even some
    attorneys with more education than the general public have had
    problems finding their way around the boards. I wont mention names.
    But it can be some what confusing to any one. It has gotten alot
    busier then in the old days, i know they pay the bills. The business
    can be distracting and adds to the confusion navigating this site.
    Those are only my thoughts.

    On 2/16/06, Bob R/CA wrote:
    > On 2/16/06, Curmudgeon wrote:
    >> On 2/16/06, Bob R/CA wrote:
    >>> On 2/16/06, regina wrote:
    >>>> If you were given a drug test and it came back positive
    >>> but
    >>>> the substances are unknown,how long can a person be
    >>>> suspended? Can the same urine be tested twice?
    >>> Suspended from what? This is an attorney chatboard, why did
    >>> you post this here?
    >> Bob, have you considered making the "legal questions" button
    >> bigger or brighter so its easier to locate?
    > Thanks for the input, Mudge.
    > I have a big organizational challenge here, not just how to
    > display the stuff, but how to conceptually arrange it. It goes
    > to the heart of this entire website - what is this website's
    > purpose? Who is its target?
    > This winter marks ten years for Counsel.Net, and ten years of
    > wrestling with that question. I have always envisioned this
    > website as a resource for attorneys and legal professionals, but
    > without registration (which would destroy the traffic, without
    > some compelling benefit) it would be impossible to strictly
    > limit the community to this segment.
    > Over time it's become obvious that the general public wants
    > resources to help them solve legal problems, and find legal
    > assistance. Rather than ignore this need, I have come to
    > embrace it and am seeking to channel this need into something
    > that will benefit the attorneys for whom this site is designed.
    > As you can see from the very top header, I am now dividing the
    > traffic into three components - the attorneys (and support
    > fields), law students, and the public.
    > For the attorneys, I want to provide them a way to network with
    > other attorneys, and have quick access to referrals and help with
    > legal matters. A peer support community. While litigators may
    > be intrinsically adversarial, if a huge support community can be
    > fostered, in time they can derive a great benefit. What
    > practitioner doesn't have some challenge every day or week that
    > they don't have the answer to? In a huge online community,
    > answers to almost every question can be found, or at least a
    > referral to someone or someplace that can help.
    > For the public, help with threshold legal issues. Do I have a
    > case? Do I need a lawyer? Generally speaking, what can I
    > expect? And here's where our attorneys can benefit - who
    > specifically can help me with this matter? If the public
    > contribution can be managed, without making the practioners feel
    > they are wasting their time among clowns or pretenders, then
    > everyone can benefit. And over time, this website will build up
    > a repertoire of material indexed in the search engines which
    > will help everyone in similar straits.
    > For the law students, this site offers promise as a place to
    > develop their legal analytical skills, to network with other law
    > students and attorneys, and to develop strategies for optimizing
    > their career.
    > So, this is what we have to work with, and my challenge is to
    > arrange it in such a way that the attorneys properly feel at
    > home, that the public can quickly find answers and legal
    > assistance, and where the discussions flow at a dynamic pace.
    > I've already invested about a month into site redesign and
    > content, now I just need to get the copy into the proper places
    > so that the users quickly grasp where to go and what to do.
    > How are we doing so far? What do you like, and what needs some
    > attention?

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