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    Post: Does the legal question page help or hurt in general?

    Posted by Carol on 4/12/06

    After reading a particular thread, actually a set of them,
    on the legal questions page, I have been sitting here
    thinking that maybe answering some of these questions may
    actually be detrimental to the people we're trying to help
    as well as other attorneys who represent them. One woman
    appears to be actually trying her case on that site. I
    have a client who has "been doing research" and keeps
    calling me telling me all the things I'm doing wrong and
    how she has read this and been told that, and so on. I'm
    sick of it and ready to drop her. I rarely answer her
    calls anymore because she simply will not hear what I have
    to say. When we started out we had a very good working
    relationship. On the legal questions board, I try to
    answer questions honestly and respectfully. I really
    enjoy teaching and helping out. But on the other hand, is
    answering these questions really actually hurting an
    attorney client relationship? How do we make people see
    that this is not the advice they should build their case
    on because we do not ever have all the facts? The
    disclaimer at the top is nice, but I really don't think
    many of the posters read it. I will continue to preach my
    mantra: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT because I truly think people
    ought to know some things. As to the rest of it, I just
    don't know. Anyone else have these thoughts?

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