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    Re: Legal Outsourcing

    Posted by Carol on 4/24/06

    On 4/24/06, c wrote:
    > On 4/24/06, Anoop Rawat wrote:
    >> Hello everbody,
    >> Is anybody interested outsource legal work to India. The
    >> Law Firms, Attorneys get the benefit of different time
    >> zones and low attorney fees (as low as 20$ per hour).
    >> Brief details of the possible legal works is:
    >> a) Proof Reading
    >> b) Documentation
    >> c) Vetting of Documents (we follow common law)
    >> d) Indexing
    >> the above list is merely indicative and lot of other
    >> services can be provided.
    Oops hit the wrong key before. Well, this is rather
    reminiscent of a post on the solo board. Sorry, Anoop, you
    obiviously don't proofread any better than I do, you have a
    couple of grammatical errors in your post. If you want to
    attract business you should at least make it look like you all
    speak perfect English.

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