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    Post: Student vs. College

    Posted by Stacie Clark on 5/05/06

    I am a RN nursing student. I used the one handed scoop
    technique on a used needle to carry it to the Sharps Box.
    The instructor placed me on probation for a safety
    violation. In my textbook and on the OSHA website under
    bloodborne pathogens it states if not in close proximity
    to the Sharps box you may use the one handed scoop
    technique. The school will not over rule my probation and
    stated we have our guidelines and you can bring all the
    papers you want it wont change. I have not seen their
    guidelines and shouldnt they go by what OSHA says? Also,
    another student did the same thing and after weeks of
    waiting pulled him out of class, took him to the
    conference room, where the vice president, teacher, and
    the college lawyer were waiting. Can they blind side him
    like that. There are other issues but Just wanted to know
    what to do. I plan to continue to fight this.
    Thank you

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