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    Re: Student vs. College

    Posted by Carol on 5/08/06

    Stacie, afraid they can. Do you have a student handbook?
    What does it say about disciplinary procedures? The school
    does have to follow OSHA guidelines but those are the
    minimum guidelines; they are also allowed to have more
    strict rules than OSHA. If the nursing schoold says you
    have to wear a hazmat suit to dispose of dirty needles then
    that's what you have to do. They've got you, they've got
    your money and they can do pretty much anything they
    please. You can fight it, but I doubt that you will be
    sucessful. Do they have a disciplinary appleas process
    there? Follow the procedures set out in the your handbook.
    Try and look at it this way as far the disposal goes: they
    have stricter rules to make things safer for you and your
    patients. Take if from me, as someone who contracted Hep c
    from a dirty needle stick in the days when we re-capped
    needles and had to carry them all over the unit to the
    cardboard box in the med room, this is not overkill on the
    part of the school. If you didn't know that the one-handed
    scoop (not even sure what that is, been out of it for awhile)
    was not acceptable to your instructor then you have a valid
    arguement but I doubt that any argument you make will be
    successful. The motto at my school was: "you don't like the
    rules? LEAVE." Seriously, girls were kicked out for
    refusing to undergo medical treatment, a fundamental right
    any of us have. I doubt the schools,especially the private
    schools, have changed that much over the years. You're only
    on probation, it's not the end of the world. In the grand
    scheme of things it's nothing. Toe the line till you get
    out and then you'll have your degree and can do anything you
    please. Till then, they've got you. good luck.

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