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    Re: I feel like I was just a victim of fraud

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty.; Lake Charles, LA on 5/10/06

    Dear Eli,

    It looks to me if indeed you have been the victim of
    fraud. I don't like this new modern banking whereby when we
    write a check, they can just slide the check through a
    machine and writhdraw from your banking account. If they
    can do that, what is to keep them from slipping the check
    through and withdrawing the amount of the check, and then
    taking the same check and running it through like they did
    in the old days? Sometimes they hand you the check back and
    say they have already debited your bank account, and
    sometimes they don't bother to hand you the check back. How
    can you know if you have paid once or twice. There is so
    muchy bank fraud, and much of it is perpetrated by the banks
    themselves, whereby they manipulate your deposits and checks
    so as to rip you off for $29.00 NSF charges, when in fact
    you have the money in the bank to cover your checks. It is
    a multimillion-dollar bank scandle in America, not to
    mention the way these same banks hold your monthly payment
    checks on credit card accounts until the "deadline" for
    payment has passed, and then charge you $29.00 for a "late"
    payment, and sometimes this causes you to go over your
    limit, so they rip you off for another $29.00 "over-the-
    limit" charge. What should be the leaders of morality and
    honesty in America are the crminals, but they get by with
    it; at least they have gotten by with it so far. It is part
    of the Culture of Corruption in America, and Congress does
    zip, zero about it, for they are also part of the Culture of
    Corruption in America. There is more to it all than this,
    but this is something to think about. Fight back! Don't let
    someone rip you off for that extra $900.00. Hold the bank
    responsible. Good luck! Again, fight back!


    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Lake Charles, LA

    On 5/10/06, Eli wrote:
    > They were suppose to withdrawl a hundered dollars from my
    > account for clearwire internet but insted they clean out
    > my account 1,000.00 and haven't put anything back

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