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    Re: Nigerian 419 fraud - TOBAL!

    Posted by Bob R/CA on 6/05/06

    On 5/15/06, Juris prudence wrote:
    > Is there any legal recourse agianst these vile poeple who
    > are stealing millions of dollars from the U.S. public yes
    > poeple actaully fall for this but that is irrelevant alot
    > of victims are elderly the U.S. goverment should make
    > Nigeria pay restitution to victims.

    I can't tell you how much contempt I have for these criminal
    scum. I have spent many many unrecoverable hours of work
    countering their schemes, and of all the people put out by
    them, I am on the most fortunate end of the scale.

    Let me know of you find a petition to sign or a
    congressman's ear worth bending ovber this issue.


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