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    Post: Annulment or divorce in NC?

    Posted by Rebecca on 6/05/06

    My son got married 1 day before leaving for Afghanistan
    last year. He and his wife have been separated for 1 year
    while he was overseas. He started noticing a change in
    her over the phone approx 2 months before he returned home
    this year the week after Easter. He lived with her approx
    2 1/2-3 weeks before moving out 8 days ago. She has
    apparently opened 4 different bank accounts in her name
    and put money from their one joint account into different
    accounts with her name. She was supposed to be saving
    money for a down payment on a home when he returned. He
    has nothing now. She told him she "guessed she grew apart
    from him while he was gone". He has been in a lot of fire
    fights and survived a lot of garbage over there and now
    has to come back and put up with this mess. I am too
    afraid he will not handle this mentally under this amount
    of duress since just coming back from a war zone. Please

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