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    Post: Being all J.D.'d and nowhere to go is beginning to stink

    Posted by Michele on 8/15/06

    Ok, am getting kind of bummed now. Nearly three weeks
    without getting a legal job is not fun. I have never been
    jobless (not including law school) for longer than 3 weeks!
    I work my butt off and I am as loyal as they come (my
    husband said loyalty shouldn't be my approach). No, I have
    never worked in a law firm but I write really well
    (unfortunately without journal experience no one wants to
    give you the opportunity to prove it). I also have 7 years
    of management experience.

    What I want to know is how long before the fairly tale
    happens? You know the one where no one cares about rank or
    GPA or lack of journal experience blah blah blah? Oh yeah,
    I almost forgot I am very persistent and usually pretty
    positive although from this post most of you wouldn't know
    that. Just having a bad day and wanted to vent, it usually
    helps me have a better day tomorrow.

    Thanks for reading.

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