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    Post: What should I read?

    Posted by Michele on 8/16/06

    OK, I think I might be able to research my way into a legal
    job but I need some suggestions here. Since I am not in the
    top 10% nor do I have any firm or legal experience I am
    going to have to at the very least talk the talk. This
    means I need to know if there is anything I can read
    regarding document review work. Though I am going for some
    litigation experience I may not be able to get a position
    doing that right off so if there is a book anyone knows
    about or an article to read that could give me an
    opportunity to give me a boost that would be great.
    Alternatively, would anyone know of a good book to read for
    new lawyers starting out with no exp?

    Another question: I assume document review work is just
    that - read it over looking for whatever it is the employer
    asks me to look for. Is there a better explanation than
    this or is my understanding wrong?

    Thank You

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