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    Re: What should I read?

    Posted by Carol on 8/17/06

    On 8/16/06, Michele wrote:
    > OK, I think I might be able to research my way into a
    > job but I need some suggestions here. Since I am not in
    > top 10&37; nor do I have any firm or legal experience I am
    > going to have to at the very least talk the talk. This
    > means I need to know if there is anything I can read
    > regarding document review work. Though I am going for some
    > litigation experience I may not be able to get a position
    > doing that right off so if there is a book anyone knows
    > about or an article to read that could give me an
    > opportunity to give me a boost that would be great.
    > Alternatively, would anyone know of a good book to read
    > new lawyers starting out with no exp?
    > Another question: I assume document review work is just
    > that - read it over looking for whatever it is the
    > asks me to look for. Is there a better explanation than
    > this or is my understanding wrong?
    > Thank You
    Michele, do you have a certain service in mind? You might
    give them a call and ask what kinds of documents they deal
    with. If your local courthouse scanns stuff to computers
    you could go down there and look at specific types of docs
    too. I would guess most of them are either going to be sub
    citing (BORING!) or proofreading. I've subcited as an
    editor, you have to double check every cite in doc to make
    sure it's accurate. but hey, it pays the rent. and I would
    imagine that they're not going to expect you to know the biz
    if you've never had the experience. You know what a brief
    is, you know what a motion is, aside from contracts and
    wills and the occasional deed, those are the only docs I
    ever work with so I can't really help much more than that.
    Remember, not everyone who graduates gets the plumb jobs at
    least 75% of the classes that graduate are not law review or
    top o the class so many employers are going to know exactly
    how it is with you. keep plugging, you'll get there.

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