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    Re: Electronic Weapons Symptoms / Silent Covery Death

    Posted by Scott on 10/07/06

    Hello Everyone!

    If you are attacked by a "Cold-Plasma" weapon you can check
    your symptoms this way;

    Take a bubble bath. Use a fairy good amount of bubbles, and
    make the bath water warm enough so that it is not too hot.

    Soak in the bath so that most of your body is under water for
    about 5minutes. Then suddenly stand up and sit down again.
    Notice what happens! If nothing happenes then you are OK. BUT,
    if you are under attack, I will not need to mention the
    feeling you are going to have. You can gage your condition by
    how strong the feeling is.

    I hope no one here thinks this is funny, THIS TEST CAN SAVE

    These people who are doing this not only attack you when you
    are asleep, but the best time for them is when you are in the

    HOW??? If it's Cold-Plasma, it is being fired though your
    windows, at possibly a great distance, OR, it may be comming
    from one of your neighboors.

    If you are being attacked via Cold-Plasma, you need to start a
    FULL nutrition program, and you should be taking some sort of
    Non-Saturated oil daily,,,,I use Liquid Lecithin.

    If you have never been on an exercise program, you need to
    start right away. I was a simi-pro at sports, and it took me 3
    times the amount of arobic exercise to correct the damage done
    to me.

    If you are attacked via Cold-Plasma here is what is going to
    happnen to you.

    #1. They will attack you slowly at first. It will be light,
    and you will NOT feel too much differently physically,(that is
    why the bubble bath test is sooooo important.) The attacks
    will happnen ANYWERE! In your Drs. office. On public
    transportation. While you are walking down the street. BTW, I
    have been attacked with Cold-Plasma fired from Cell-Phone
    devices. Then when they think the time is right, when you have
    enough in you, thay will make a MASSIVE ASSULT, and in one day
    they could kill you!

    #2. This Cold-Plasma is going to enter your blood stream. If
    you feel the attack, it feels like an tiny electric charge of
    bubbles on your skin. This is VERY deceptive, because there is
    a tranquil feeling that follows the attack,BUT,sometimes it
    will make your heart race. Once this stuff enters your blood
    stream, it works it's way to your internal organs, and STICKS
    TO THEM! This is where it is really really dangerous. Once you
    have a certain ammout sticking to your internal organs,(IE:
    your heart), it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get it off of your
    internal organs, but it can be done;I used exercise/nutrition.

    #3. This stuff cannot be sceen when it is fired into your home
    though the air,BUT,you CAN see it in your urin. If you look at
    your bathroom toliet water, you will see what looks like tiny

    #4. If you can't exercise, you should install as many HEAPA
    air filters as you can afford in your home. Cold-Plasma will
    show up on the filter of your HEAPA filter, and it looks
    green, almost like dust, but it's not. If you do this, at
    least you will have solid physical evidence that you can use.

    #5. If you do NOTHING you can expect to die. I have sceen 3
    people die. All of them gained a tremedous amount of weight,
    and in the end it was very difficult for them to walk. All of
    these people died in my building, and I believe it took
    somewhere around 3 years for them, with probably mild periodic
    attacks. I have NO EVICENCE for this statement BUT; I beleive
    Anna Nichols son was killed this way.

    #6. Everything I have said thus far is based on 20 years of
    experience. My story is incredible, and I try not to dwell on
    the past, because the present is complicated enough right now.
    This is my gift to everyone, and I hope the word is passed.
    Please forgive any spelling errors contained in this message,
    as I typed it fast. I was attaced twice during the 15 minutes
    it took to type this.
    Remeber, these people are the lowest of the low. They will
    smile in your face thinking that they are getting away with
    mudering you.

    Remember in the end the are ALL going to get what's coming to
    them....REVELATION 21:8

    Please keep your faith EVERYONE......LOVE FOR EVERYONE.....Scott

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