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    Re: Louisiana Has Highest Number of Felons: Agree? Disagree?

    Posted by Jason W on 4/02/07

    On 8/28/06, Hardy Parkerson wrote:
    > In Lake Charles, Louisiana, L'Auberge Casino, the large
    > casino sitting on public public land owned and paid for by
    > the taxpayers, had to delay its scheduled opening, for it
    > could not find enough employees without prior criminal
    > records to staff it. There are so many men and women with
    > felony convictions in Louisiana, that a felony has pretty
    > much lost its stigma. Every time the Louisiana
    > legislature meets, it passes hundreds, and in many cases
    > upwards of a thousand, if not more, new laws, including
    > new criminal laws. Louisiana is a virtual police state,
    > having Louisiana State Policie, parish (county) sheriff's
    > police, city police, city marshal police, university
    > police, college police, port police, airport police,
    > Sabine River Authority police, not to mention all the
    > hordes of Federal police, including the railroad police.
    > And all of these police feel that they have to justify
    > their pay, so they arrest almost anybody for almost
    > anything, so much so that in Calcasieu Parish (county)
    > there are upwards of 20,000, if not more, pending felony
    > and capital charges. There is more to it all than this,
    > but this is something to think about.
    > I say that the State of Louisiana has the highest per-
    > capita felony conviction rate in America. No wonder major
    > corporations do not want to open up new offices and
    > factories and do business in Louisiana. Do you agree with
    > me? Or do you disagree with me?
    > When I am elected governor, I am going to straighten this
    > horrible situation out.
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    > Ronald Reagan Democratic Candidate for Governor of
    > Louisiana - 2007: the Arnie Schwarznegger-Kinky Friedman
    > Candidate for governor--taking the Nation back for the
    > Taxpayers and reforming the legal and judicial systems,
    > one state at a time.
    I do beleive that you would change the way people look
    at Louisiana. One of my fellow co-workers had to take off
    from work because the city wouldn't allow him to dig a pond
    on his property! If you buy property here who are they to
    say what you can do with "unrestricted" property. I do not
    know what has kept me here this long except my wife and
    children have immediate family here. Con artist businesses
    and politics have corrupted and ruined many lives in this
    state, including mine. I haven't given up hope and will
    continue to strive. I want the children, our future to be
    able to work in a place that doesn't steal their money. A
    place where cousin Jed gets the head position and better pay
    regardless of credentials. Did you know that a minority has
    the right to see SEALED BIDS! How can certain contractors
    receive funds for work never accomplished. I like so many
    citizens here wonder how these people can "joyride" around
    town talking about the latest fishing tournament or game
    excursion. Meanwhile the rest of us work to no avail being
    the lowly citizens who sit helplessly watching from the back
    pew. We are pondering who are these people who live the
    good life, and if I didn't have a felony conviction that I
    might be part of the police state crew also.

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