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    Post: NY-Unfair Unemployment???

    Posted by bdiaz on 9/12/06

    I was working for a small r.e. appraisal company as an
    admin. in 2005. I was there for almost 2 years. I left on
    maternity the ending of june 2005. I was replaced
    temporarily, but when I went back to work in September of
    2005 I was told the partners that owned the company
    together have gone their seperate ways and only 1 of them
    were staying to run this company. They cut my time down to
    12-15 hours a week!!!!!!!!!!! When I walked into the
    office the day I returned I was so digusted, hurt and sick
    to my stomach- I left.I was really upset because this was
    not discussed w/me before I returned. I told them I
    couldnt work "part-time". (It would be like I was only
    working to pay daycare!) Could I have claimed unemployment
    considering that "technically" my "job status and time"
    was not the same? Is it too late to do anything now?
    any info is appreciated

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