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    Re: private fence

    Posted by v on 9/28/06

    Not in all cases. Alot of states
    require the pretty side faces the
    public, and all neighbors. This is
    a state by state ordenence.

    On 9/28/06, johncodie wrote:
    > Believe you mean privacy fence on
    the property line.
    > Consider who owns the property
    > Upon the dispute the person can
    split the fee of the survey
    > and take the dispute to court.
    The county survey is the
    > courts expert to the court as
    what is the correct boundary.
    > Offsets of property to a property
    line is usually a foot.
    > Again not clear if that is 6" on
    each side, or a foot on
    > either side. Clearance is so
    boundary can be maintained.
    > You can legally go on a person's
    property to maintain your
    > property if there is not other
    way to access.
    > If the limb overhangs the
    property line the property owner
    > has the right to trim back to the
    property line. If there is
    > no overhang and tree/limb falls
    over line individuals
    > insuance is responsible for
    removing tree limb up to the
    > propertly line. Each property
    owner is responsible back to
    > the line. Owner of tree is not
    responsible for fence since
    > other had right to trim back to
    > If limb/tree falls on other house
    then others insurance of
    > property is liable for not
    removing propertly line known
    > hazard if tree is dead. If tree
    is living and permits are
    > required to remove such; then act
    of god, let the insurance
    > carriers argue it out.
    > Fences make good neighbors, so
    share the privacy. If you
    > install it you get to have the
    pretty side!
    > On 9/26/06, chris wrote:
    >> if someone puts up a private
    fence on the property line
    >> does the neighbor now own 1/2 of
    the fence?? and if a
    >> tree limb falls on the fence is
    the owner of the tree
    >> liable for the fence, even if
    the limb falls because the
    >> wind was blowing???

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