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    Posted by John Blevins on 9/28/06

    Looking to find out how I can hold the and the
    owner of the property accountable for their actions and
    the ways they have taken advantage of me and my family.I
    rented this place in Feb/06 and have nothing but problems
    with it(elec,plumbing,infestation,tripping hazards)and
    can`t find an atty.who represents tenants(eveyone wants to
    represent landlords.I am willing to produce all evidence
    (hard copies,recordings and still shots)and witnesses.I
    believe this to be an open and shut guaranteed win
    case.Just NEED a good atty. let alone the fact that
    yesterday I rec`d a ltr. from a local atty.saying that my
    lease is up at the end of Oct.(I was under the impression
    that I was locked in till the end of Feb.07.Any and all
    info/input would be greatly appreciated by all.I do not
    know if I can ever find this site again so here`s my email

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