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    Re: Poll for the Non-Attorneys: Disciplined Attorney

    Posted by Carol on 10/02/06

    On 9/30/06, Some Guy wrote:
    > So you are client and you are looking for an attorney, and
    > you come across one that seems basically decent and right
    > as you are about to hire you find out: The Attorney was
    > disciplined for misconduct and was suspended for 90 Days.
    > The suspension is over now. The suspension was for failure
    > to return phone calls & return files or client abandonment.
    > What would you do? Does it matter how you find out? For
    > example, if the Attorney voluntarily discloses to you
    > before you sign the contract and gives you the money.
    > Would you look at the number complaints... 1 versus 3
    > versus 6 versus...some even higher number? Is this a deal
    > breaker?
    > "In the past I was disciplined for misconduct and was
    > suspended for 90 days. I'm currently

    turn it around: if you went to a doctor and the first thing
    he told you was that he'd disciplined by the board of
    medicine (not sued by a patient, big difference) what would
    you do? continue to treat with a guy that you know other
    doctors think messed up pretty bad (they all look out for
    each other btw)and be looking for a mistake every step of
    the way = lawsuit? or go to another doc? If they ask you
    about the suspension, be up front. be incredibly attentive,
    return every call within 24 hours, and send them copies of
    everything you do. go all out to prove that 1: you've
    learned from the experience and 2: it'll never happen
    again. If you feel better being completely up front then go
    for but don't expect to maintain a lot of clients that way.
    suspension is not the end of the world, it just feels like

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