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    Post: Electronic Torture / Freedom Day

    Posted by Gerry Duffett on 10/12/06

    World Day to End the Silent Holocaust

    Citizens of the World Standing Together to End

    Organized Stalking, Lethal Bullying & Remote Electronic

    10/03/2006 Saturday, October 21st, 2006

    is an international day of awareness and remembrance for
    victims of non-lethal weapons, electronic harassment and

    At 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST there will be an international
    conference call that will include victims from all over the
    world, including noted biophysicist Robert Duncan and
    author Gloria Naylor (The Women of Brewster Place).

    The Victims

    Who are these victims?

    They are your neighbors, your friends, your family
    members. They are whistleblowers targeted by corporations;
    activists targeted by opposing groups; defendants targeted
    by plaintiffs; plaintiffs targeted by defendants; children
    targeted by pedophiles; homosexuals targeted by religious
    groups; political dissidents targeted by governments. Some
    have family members in the military. Some are former
    members of the military. The issue is bi-partisan, non-
    denominational, and much more wide-ranging than the typical
    Americans level of ignorance would indicate.

    Remote Electronic Torture¡­

    Victims of remote electronic torture are targeted by non-
    lethal weapons in a myriad of ways, often in a two-pronged
    attack. The symptoms of a non-lethal weapon attack include
    headache; dizziness; chest pains; breathing problems; sleep
    attacks or sleep disturbance; difficulty concentrating; a
    buzzing or clicking in the head; tinitus; peripheral
    neuropathy, including sensory polyneuropathy (burning
    sensation or tingling in the limbs), autonomic neuropathy
    (pain in internal organs), and motor neuropathy (cramps,
    muscle spasms)¡ The symptoms of prolonged exposure are

    Organized Stalking

    Organized Stalking, sometimes called gang stalking,
    includes repetitious harassment from multiple stalkers who
    vandalize victims homes, harass them on the job and often
    involve them in a play of sorts called gas lighting.
    Every aspect of a persons life is invaded and violated
    until the victim feels hopelessly isolated.

    Last month, the Secretary of the Air Force, Michael Wynne,
    spoke about the use of non-lethal weapons against Americans
    (for the purposes of crowd control). These systems,
    developed by defense contractors, were at some point
    acquired illegally by private individuals and are currently
    being used to engage in a wide variety of criminal
    activities. Over the years they have gone under many names
    (some more science-fictional than others), including but
    not limited to: directed energy weapons, electromagnetic
    systems, psychotronics and, most currently, electronic
    harassment. They were, in fact, mentioned in the 2001
    Space Preservation Act, as weapons ­directed at individual
    persons or targeted populations for the purpose of
    information war, mood management, or mind control (the Acts
    language) of such persons or populations.

    Lethal Bullying­

    These victims suffer day in and day out. They often
    believe they know who their attacker is but cannot take
    legal action because the crime is not acknowledged as such
    and because their ordeal is often grossly misunderstood. A
    handful of victims have been declared mentally ill and have
    wound up in mental healthcare facilities, where the attacks
    have continued unabated. Some have blamed the wrong
    people. Others, not understanding what was happening to
    them, blamed the attacks on far-fetched conspiracy
    theories. But it is much simpler than that; there is no
    mental or physical disease that carries the full list of
    symptoms that these victims suffer. Not one. Targeted
    individuals include author Gloria Naylor (The Women of
    Brewster Place), Dorothy Lay (of the Lay Foundation) and
    biophysicist Robert Duncan, PhD. The psychologist Carole
    Smith has publicly recognized the ability of these weapons
    to mimic a mental illness. If these weapons were ever
    classified, they are no longer: too many people--and too
    many innocent Americans--have suffered and died from their
    terrible effects.

    FreedomFCHS represents victims of electronic (non-lethal
    weapons) harassment and organized stalking. We believe
    that the voices of these victims need to be heard and that
    the use of these systems and covert operations should be
    exposed and made illegal. We believe that law enforcement,
    the justice department, and Congress need to investigate
    these phenomena further and enact and enforce laws against

    To take part in this international conversation, please
    call 1-712-432-4000 at 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST on Saturday,
    October 21st, 2006 and dial access code 5888200. Please
    mute your phone by dialing *6 until after the call. If you
    have a question for the panel discussion directly after the
    call, please e-mail them to either of the names listed

    If you would like more information please call

    John Aaron Avalos,

    Chairman, Public Awareness Department

    at 1-617-785-5778 or

    Derrick Robinson,


    at 1-513-531-8873.

    And for further information go to:

    Derrick Robinson:


    Aaron Avalos:

    Chair, Public Awareness Cmte.

    The Dorothy Lay Foundation


    All news to me.

    Gerry Duffett

    Toronto / Ontario / Canada


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