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    Post: Happy Tryin' Cases

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. on 11/06/06

    I've practiced law for thiry years or more,
    Defended killers, rapists, and once a whore.
    I've even represented pimps,
    And I've been held for four contempts.

    At trying cases some say I'm the best,
    And with the gift of Blarney I've been blessed;
    I'd represent the Devil for a fee,
    And sometimes I even represent 'em free.

    I've got many, many cases,
    For I've been on many ambulance chases;
    When I see an ambulance, I see green;
    And sometimes I even beat 'em to the scene.

    If you get indicted, just reach me by phone;
    Just bring your bill-fold and come right on;
    If you've got the money, I'll clear your name;
    You pay my fee and I'll play my game.

    Many are the closing arguments I have made,
    And sometimes I even take my fee in trade;
    And though my practice takes me many places,
    I'm happiest in the courtroom tryin' cases.

    In them judges' opinions, I'm not top rank,
    But I laugh at them judges all the way to the bank;
    My son goes to Harvard Law, my daughter to Yale;
    And all them judges can go straight to...oh well!

    (Humor intended!)

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