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    Re: Criminal Law Career

    Posted by Carol on 11/10/06

    On 11/09/06, v wrote:
    > Maybe yur right sherri! 3 times.
    > Hey!!!! I'm no one to talk. If
    > Mudge hadn't pointed that out ...
    > De fence would have been ok with
    > me.
    > On 11/09/06, sherri wrote:
    >> maybe it was a typing error
    >> 11/09/06, v wrote:
    >>> Ohhhh i see that! The cat was
    >>> sitting, on de fence.
    >>> On 11/08/06, Curmudgeon wrote:
    >>>> Before you become a "defence"
    >>> attorney, you might want to
    >>>> learn how to spell it.
    >>>> On 11/08/06, Andrew wrote:
    >>>>> I'm interested in criminal law
    >>> and would like to become a
    >>>>> public defender after I pass
    > the
    >>> bar. But they have very
    >>>>> low salary and I was wondering
    >>> what opportunities there
    >>>>> are to make bigger salary
    > after
    >>> some years of experience
    >>>>> as a public defender, say as a
    >>> private criminal defence
    >>>>> attorney? How is the demand
    > for
    >>> private criminal defence
    >>>>> lawyers, and how much more
    >>> salary do they make? Basically
    >>>>> what I'm trying to figure out
    > is
    >>> what avenues of salary
    >>>>> advancement there are for
    > public
    >>> defenders in criminal
    >>>>> defence field, and how
    >>> competative and difficult would
    >>>>> they be.
    being one of the worst spellers and typist to ever pass the bar, I
    would never dream of sitting in judgment on someone else. Andrew:
    yes, PDs don't make much money but it is steady income with benefits
    to get you on your feet and gain experience. do a few years of it
    to learn the ropes and become really good at it, make a name for
    yourself, then you can command your own price. private defense
    attorneys can make a very good living if you are in the right area
    (not an severely economically depressed or rural one) DUI defense
    seems to be pretty lucrative in my state since some very big names
    (like a supreme court justice) seem to getted nabbed once in
    awhile. Do the PD to learn and get good at it on a smaller but
    consistent salary.

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