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    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA on 12/07/06

    Chapter 2 - Our Inauguration

    Once we have been elected, there will come the
    swearing in. It really will not be my Inauguration, but
    the inauguration of the little people of Louisiana. I plan
    to study the inauguration of Andrew Jackson and make ours
    match or outdo his first inauguration as much as possible.
    I recall studying about Jackson’s inauguration when I was
    a student at McNeese and taking American history from Dr.
    Donald J. Millet. Dr. Millet was a great professor, and
    in those days at McNeese he taught his classes in an old
    Army barracks moved onto the McNeese Campus and converted
    into a classroom. In those days, many of the McNeese
    classes were held in such old Army barracks. Dr. Millet
    taught much more than history. He taught about the
    Catholic Church and about Christianity as well. His
    lectures just came across in such a way as to let us know
    that his calling was more than as a history professor.
    And although I had gone to church all my life, and in my
    years prior to college, I had pretty much gone to church
    three times a week: Sunday morning, Sunday night and
    Wednesday night; nevertheless, I never learned what the
    Doctrine of the Trinity was until I heard Dr. Millet
    explain how St. Patrick had gone into England and had
    taken the clover leaf to explain to the indigenous natives
    how that the Godhead could be and was “three in one,” by
    demonstrating how the cloverleaf was “three in one.” It
    was strange to me, even early in my college years, to
    realize that I had learned such an important tenet of the
    Christian Faith as the Doctrine of the Trinity from a
    Catholic, as I had been brought up in a church and in a
    society which was pretty much “anti-Catholic.”

    As a young adult, I once had a serious problem,
    and I sought out for spiritual advice a friend of mine who
    was a retired Catholic priest. We had never discussed
    religion before, only the fact that he was a retired
    Catholic priest. When I approached him about my problem,
    I had the presence of mind to call him “Father”, although
    all of my life I had been taught to “call no man ‘Father’
    but the father who was in Heaven.” Nevertheless, I said
    to my friend the retired Catholic priest, “Father Gobeil,
    I am not a Catholic, but….” He heard my initial
    introduction to him and said, “Son, let me ask you some
    questions!” When I had answered all of his litany of
    questions affirmatively, he said, “Son, you ARE a Catholic…
    according to Vatican II.” This came as a real surprise to
    me; and, I must add that since that time it has always
    been a comforting thought to me. Sometimes when I am
    asked if I am a Catholic, I answer, “No, but I am a better
    Catholic than a lot of them I know.”

    What has this got to do with the Inauguration?
    Not so much; but I plan to have the Bishop of Louisiana
    for each of the the religious denominations in the state
    of Louisiana be a big part of the people’s Inauguration;
    for, after all, there is only “one” religion and I do
    believe it is the “catholic” religion, whether it be
    Baptist, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal, Church
    of Christ, Episcopalian, Roman Catholic…whatever it is.
    There is more to it all than this, but this is something
    to think about.

    I was brought up in a church that did not believe in
    dancing. However, I have come to believe over the years
    that dancing is not as bad as it was made to seem to me
    when I was a boy growing up. So at the Inauguration,
    there will be “dancing on the Capitol Grounds,”
    and “dancing in the Streets of Baton Rouge.” We will have
    good Cajun music and good Cajun bands there to play and
    sing. Also, we will have good Blue Grass bands and
    vocalists there and good Country and Western bands and
    vocalists there and good Gospel bands and Gospel vocalists
    there. If we can afford him after the election, we are
    going to have Willie Nelson and Governor Kinky Friedman
    there…singing, as usual. The Parkerson Administration is
    going to be a musical one. I am going to have Jimmy Smith
    and Leonard Grissino and Brother Murrell Ewing and…you
    name him, or her…if he or she has musical and/or vocal
    talent, he or she is going to get a chance to perform at
    and be a big part of the People’s Inauguration and on the
    grounds of, and in the Lobby of, the State Capitol and on
    the grounds of and inside the Governor’s Mansion, and all
    during the four years of the Parkerson Administration.

    And if we can afford to pay their plane fares and
    hotel bills--or maybe we can let all of them stay in the
    Governor’s Mansion during our Inauguration week; for sure
    I’ll be staying in my R.V. parked in the parking lot at
    the Governor’s Mansion--we will have former First Lady
    Nancy Reagan and her and President Ronald Reagan’s family
    there; and also former First Lady Rosalyn Carter and
    President Jimmy Carter there too; and President Gerald
    Ford and former First Lady Betty Ford; and President Bill
    Clinton and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton there. And
    if I am failing to mention somebody special that you would
    like to see be there and to be a big part of our
    Inauguration, you just let me know who it is, and I will
    do my very best to get them there.

    There is more to it all than this, but this is
    something to think about and to look forward too. And you,
    if you desire to be, you are going to be a big part of our
    Inauguration too. You just let me know!

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  • From MY FIRST DAYS IN THE GOVERNOR'S MANSION, 12/07/06, by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA.

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