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    Post: Admission to the Bar

    Posted by Martin Roy Leon on 1/14/07

    January 14, 2007

    I am in Florida and I just completed my J.D. from West
    Coast School of Law (a correspondence school). I also
    hold a LL.B and an LL.M from a university in
    Colombia (the country). I am fluent in English, I did
    about three years of my undergraduate work at Arizona
    State University. I am a practicing attorney in good
    standing in the country of Colombia.

    I know that most state bars will not accept the J.D. from
    a California correspondence law school. I am looking to
    combine my foreign LL.B and LL.M with the J.D. from WCSL
    and to be admitted into one of the state bars. It makes
    no difference to me which state admits me. I am only
    looking to handle Customs and Federal Administrative
    matters. I do not want work in any local or state courts.

    I am presently researching the various state bars, i.e.
    New York, Texas. Rumor has it that I might be able to be
    admitted on a motion vs. taking a state bar exam. Does
    anybody have any experience or ideas on this matter?

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter.

    Martin Roy Leon
    7102 N. W. 50th Street
    Miami, Florida 33166-5636
    Email address: or
    Office Telephone: (305) 599-2662, Ext. 105
    Cellular Telephone: (954) 864-6651

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