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    Re: Admission to the Bar

    Posted by dd on 1/22/07

    NY requires an LLM before allowing foreign law grads to sit.
    Correspondence school is not acceptable.

    On 1/15/07, Mara wrote:
    > Many people in New York with foreign degrees take the bar and
    > get admitted although they did not go to school in America.
    > Now, I am not to sure about correspondence's schools. Is it
    > ABA approved? The correspondence school?? If so, then you
    > should not have a problem sitting for the NY bar.
    > Good luck!
    > On 1/14/07, Martin Roy Leon wrote:
    >> January 14, 2007
    >> I am in Florida and I just completed my J.D. from West
    >> Coast School of Law (a correspondence school). I also
    >> hold a LL.B and an LL.M from a university in
    >> Colombia (the country). I am fluent in English, I did
    >> about three years of my undergraduate work at Arizona
    >> State University. I am a practicing attorney in good
    >> standing in the country of Colombia.
    >> I know that most state bars will not accept the J.D. from
    >> a California correspondence law school. I am looking to
    >> combine my foreign LL.B and LL.M with the J.D. from WCSL
    >> and to be admitted into one of the state bars. It makes
    >> no difference to me which state admits me. I am only
    >> looking to handle Customs and Federal Administrative
    >> matters. I do not want work in any local or state courts.
    >> I am presently researching the various state bars, i.e.
    >> New York, Texas. Rumor has it that I might be able to be
    >> admitted on a motion vs. taking a state bar exam. Does
    >> anybody have any experience or ideas on this matter?
    >> I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter.
    >> Martin Roy Leon
    >> 7102 N. W. 50th Street
    >> Miami, Florida 33166-5636
    >> Email address: or
    >> Office Telephone: (305) 599-2662, Ext. 105
    >> Cellular Telephone: (954) 864-6651

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