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    Post: Question about income

    Posted by Ben on 2/11/07


    I have a feeling this question might annoy people and be
    taken the wrong way. But I'm going to try anyway.

    So, I've been out of law school for 7 years. I'm in a rural
    state, in a city with 50k people, practicing with both of my
    parents in a small (3 person) firm started by my
    grandfather. Our office is a renovated home.

    We do a huge amount of family law (my mother does absolutely
    nothing else, and has a great reputation for it), but will
    also take just about anything else that comes in (largely
    criminal, used to do chapter 7's, personal injury, minor
    estate planning, contracts, etc).

    Here are my questions:

    1. Does anyone else feel themselves increasingly
    pigeonholed? There is so much runnoff from my mother in
    terms of family law that it seems that's all I ever do. And
    it's certainly not for a lack of wanting to try other
    things. I'm worried that my chance to actually learn how to
    do other things will soon be preempted by my need to
    maintain the standard of living that the constant flow of
    reasonably lucrative but mildly nauseating domestic cases
    has helped me and my family create.

    2. What do people actually earn? I suppose it doesn't
    really matter, because if I'm doing well enough for myself,
    I shouldn't worry about it. . .but I am curious. Am I
    staying competitive, comparitively? I average between 80k
    and 105k per year, and I usually work about 31-40 hours per
    week. I go in about 1 - 2 hours extra every other week --
    more, obviously, if there's a large trial or brief or

    Anyway, since I've never worked anywhere else, I don't know
    how this compares. I'm fairly confident I work fewer hours
    than most attorneys who have similar experience, but don't
    know if the return for those bigger workloads is
    commensurate. I suppose I'm just trying to see if breaking
    off at this relatively late point to start in a bigger town
    would mean a dramatic loss of pay and/or increase in work.


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