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    Post: Sting in Coos County Oregon

    Posted by Lowell V. Keef Jr. on 2/20/07


    On August 15, 2001 the World newspaper in Coos Bay,
    Oregon, ran a front page article, Bus
    Driver goes undercover to aid police in meth bust . The
    school bus driver was lauded as a citizen
    who decided to do something about the drug problem in Coos
    County, Oregon. The headline is
    misleading though, many of the arrest were for marijuana
    and marijuana only. In one of law
    enforcements most tightly controlled operations, two of
    the twenty four people got off . One man
    who was blind, and charged with delivery of a controlled
    substance, marijuana, was acquitted .
    His wife who was pregnant, and facing the same charges was
    found not guilty . The next and last
    case in Coos County was my sonís trial, he was a non-
    violent first time offender facing six felony
    counts , all concerning marijuana . The public defenders
    office had to withdraw from my sonís
    case stating they had confidential information that could
    be used to impeach the credibility of the
    States witness .

    My sonís case then went to the consortium, and another
    attorney was appointed, who also had to
    withdraw, and stated he had information that can be used
    to impeach the credibility of the states
    confidential informant and he gives the case number. My
    sonís next attorney did not investigate
    the states confidential informant and we asked for a new
    attorney four times on the record. My
    son was convicted and given the maximum sentence for his
    charges, sixteen months in prison and
    three years parole. I began to investigate the states
    confidential informant one day after my sonís
    conviction in the belief that the court had made mistake
    and in the hope we could get a retrial. I
    soon learned just how difficult that would be .

    I discovered the states credible witness, who became the
    states confidential informant when the
    trials started, had made twenty three court appearances of
    her own before becoming an agent for
    the South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team on June 4,
    1999. On November 13, 2000 S.C.I.N.T.
    gave their agent the money to pay for her commercial
    drivers license although they did not know
    she had been diagnosed Bi-Polar or Manic Depressive. Ms.
    Maver also had a well documented
    history of alcohol abuse and testified she had a problem
    with drugs in the past . The body wire she
    wore was excluded making her the only eye witness in all
    these cases . I purchased the transcripts
    to the trial our second attorney had mentioned and
    discovered she had lied through out the trial.
    The judge in that trial stated, Ms. Maverís memory is
    selective or she simply distorts matters. This
    trial takes place before she was diagnosed Bi-Polar and it
    is also a matter of record that she had
    attempted suicide, attempted to kill her husband and was
    arrested, filed false sworn statements,
    committed disorderly conduct, and committed perjury and
    false swearing before judge Walberg
    and judge Downer . I have discovered much more and have
    started several blogs to get the
    information out . I am posting court documents and
    transcripts at my web-site, The Great Coos
    County Hoax . I believe the civil rights of twenty four
    people were violated in Coos County,

    Lowell V. Keef Jr.
    1700 Lakeshore Dr.
    Coos Bay, Or. 97420
    1 541 756 0607

    Coos County Hoax

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